9th March 2000 Archive

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  • IT Network eyes up US market

    Expansion ahead and profit just around the corner

    Business 09 09:30

  • Loki, Creative launch ‘OpenGL for 3d audio’

    But will OpenAL find support among DirectX users?

    Business 09 10:47

  • Silverberg heads clutch of MS defectors at VC outfit

    Lads with shared shady past and Softbank e-bucks aim to boost wireless startups

    Business 09 10:55

  • Sony disputes PlayStation 2 Memory Card recall

    There's still an MC/Ridge Racer problem, though

    Business 09 11:15

  • Intel 840 chipset problem hits third parties

    Stone the crows, it's Carmelgate...

    Business 09 11:31

  • IBM to test people-sniffing tech in UK supermarket chain

    Is it Safeway? Betcha...

    Business 09 11:32

  • Dell hits No 1 in global PC market

    Now it fancies a piece of the server action

    Business 09 11:57

  • Sony set to get green light on e-bank by 31 March

    The man from the Japanese regulator, he say 'yes'

    Business 09 12:09

  • World Online buys Localtel, launches unmetered service

    Another day, another flat-fee Net access announcement

    Business 09 12:12

  • Falling prices squash Fujitsu profits

    Didn't sell as much kit as it hoped to either

    Business 09 12:22

  • Janet Reno would curb press freedom on line

    Damn the Constitution, there are children in danger

    Business 09 12:23

  • AOL hits out at BT

    Come on BT, what you got to say for yourself?

    Business 09 12:51

  • DRAM spot, contract price gap grows

    30-day rolling averages show prices falling

    Business 09 13:18

  • RBR founder leaves to start new ventures

    Pioneering grey marketeer sets up two networking resellers

    Business 09 13:22

  • Hyundai hedges bets on Rambus production

    It will ramp faster if there's more demand

    Business 09 14:16

  • Stephen King publishes novella on Net only

    Download for $2.50

    Business 09 14:47

  • Redbus Interhouse washes its smalls in public

    Stock market reversal

    Business 09 15:17

  • So now Lastminute is worth £526 million

    MSDW ups pricing range

    Business 09 15:22

  • Intel becomes Ford of microprocessor market

    Shortage of Coppermines hits channel, OEMs

    Business 09 18:36