8th March 2000 Archive

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  • Scarcity of mobos hits AMD platforms

    And 533MHz and 550MHz K6-2s live

    Business 08 07:35

  • VeriSign grabs Network Solutions for $21bn

    Synergy from domains and certificates? Well, maybe...

    Business 08 08:15

  • MS strikes back by quitting critical trade body

    A friend of the court is no friend of Redmond

    Business 08 08:20

  • Blizzard of documents dumped on Europe MS probe

    It's all in there somewhere, right...

    Business 08 08:22

  • XML: Does MS really have nothing up its sleeve?

    Leadership by innovation? An innovation in itself...

    Business 08 10:46

  • US users are game for a PC

    Knocking down elves with a bowling ball is all the rage, apparently

    Business 08 10:54

  • Congress clarifies spy warrant legislation

    No more Wen-Ho Lees, Senators hope

    Business 08 11:10

  • BT slashes SurfTime prices

    But don't get carried away -- this is a wholesale announcement, Joe Punter ain't welcome

    Business 08 11:46

  • IBM's Batty: No takeover of PC business

    Ah, a denial story and we didn't even ask

    Business 08 11:47

  • Intel wades in with 1GHz Pentium III

    Claims 15 per cent speed boost over others

    Business 08 11:57

  • Telco caught sending users' phone nos. to Web sites

    Call up a Web page on your Sprint PCS cellphone and your number gets sent too

    Business 08 12:39

  • Channel Flannel Extra

    What the channel papers say

    Business 08 12:46

  • X-Box vapour triggers Nvidia stock frenzy

    But does any of it make sense?

    Business 08 12:49

  • IBM fleshes out Eon strategy

    Watch out for server farms too

    Business 08 13:04

  • Chinese hackers turn to identity theft

    To exploit the 'faceless society' on line is glorious

    Business 08 14:20

  • Tom's Hardware looks for Coppermine shine

    Good news for Via, but only experienced users need apply

    Business 08 15:47

  • Sony to recall all PlayStation 2 Memory Cards

    It's causing DVD glitches, apparently

    Business 08 15:48

  • Internet TV, M@ilTV prepare to do battle

    ISP about to be undercut by its own partner in the war for living room loyalty

    Business 08 15:58

  • Railtrack hacker arrested

    Man released on police bail

    Business 08 16:04

  • Apple Expo Paris renamed Macworld Expo/Europe

    Will IDG run this one too?

    Business 08 16:09

  • Lernout & Hauspie swallows Dictaphone for $511m

    Belgians buy US classic - including its $425m debt

    Business 08 16:23

  • Softbank and co. to invest $1bn in Euro Net start-ups

    $450m coming to UK, rest to the Continent

    Business 08 16:39

  • Mannesmann takes CallNet into Europe

    Expands toll-free model

    Business 08 17:16

  • Apple defeats iMac cloners

    Future Power/Daewoo, eMachines settle out of court

    Business 08 17:33

  • X-Box: Nvidia schmoozes MS, drops huge hints

    Do we have to draw you a 3D picture?

    Business 08 19:16