6th March 2000 Archive

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  • Hardware Roundup Soyo wanna mobo?

    We avoid 1GHz Athlons in our wibble...

    Business 06 08:16

  • AMD suffers Gigglehurts hype attack

    Cheapzilla's spinolas can't contain themselves

    Business 06 08:44

  • Compaq may avoid multi-$ hit with Presario patch

    Q-Lawyers attempt to breath sigh of relief

    Business 06 10:08

  • Web site league tables for UK, France and Germany

    NetValue figures for January

    Business 06 11:29

  • Carole Vorderman up for sale on eBay

    It's a real life Countdown Conundrum

    Business 06 11:51

  • Sicilian couple win £270k from Net gambling…

    ...using hacked credit cards

    Business 06 11:55

  • Japanese firm offers 50,000 free Dreamcasts

    From 'free PC' to 'free DC'

    Business 06 12:07

  • Ex-Bay City Roller found with kiddie porn

    Pleads guilty to charges

    Business 06 12:14

  • Sony sells 980,000 PlayStation 2 consoles in two days

    But it shipped rather less than that...

    Business 06 12:28

  • It's first come, first served: AltaVista

    Not everyone's going to get on. Plus there's no ISP and no telco -- yet

    Business 06 12:52

  • Dell in ding dong over cybersquatting

    Takes action against 23 people around the world

    Business 06 13:13

  • Name change for Cisco distie RBR

    Comstor brand brings UK division into line with Datatec parent

    Business 06 13:20

  • AMD US lags behind Euro Athlon demand

    In US, has a weeny market share

    Business 06 13:26

  • Man banned from flogging BBC domains

    High Court comes to aid of Aunty Beeb

    Business 06 13:34

  • Cash Register: 22-29 Feb 2000

    Inflating the Bubble Economy

    Business 06 13:35

  • Ingram Micro names new chief

    Stead's replacement now on board

    Business 06 13:41

  • Lastminute: the backlash begins

    Sundays dig in

    Business 06 15:29

  • Linuxcare significantly downgrades IPO expectations

    $92m target drops to $56.6m in latest SEC filing

    Business 06 16:07

  • French ban email

    Worldwide Web too wide for some

    Business 06 16:25

  • Profit jumps at Morse

    Trading gets off to good start for 2000

    Business 06 16:29

  • Schools inspector slams mobiles & the Net

    Phones are a menace, the Web's a waste of time

    Business 06 16:54

  • London Police in URL ownership row

    Is this your domain, sir…?

    Business 06 17:37

  • Novell to get 10 per cent of MS-Caldera settlement?

    Or so we're led to believe...

    Business 06 18:49

  • Lineo pitches Linux-based CE clone at MS OEMs

    By making apps easily portable, the company hopes to steal Microsoft's custom

    Business 06 18:51

  • Congressional study rejects Clinton's IT security Czar, FIDNET

    GAO investigator slams intrusion detection

    Business 06 20:44