5th March 2000 Archive

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  • Intel's boxed desktop roadmap revealed

    Some new codenames to get your head round

    Business 05 11:04

  • Compaq to intro new desktop boxes

    And range to get further refresh later

    Business 05 11:16

  • Craig McCaw cuts losses and abandons Iridium

    U-turn leaves troubled satellite venture up a certain creek without a certain implement

    Business 05 17:47

  • Alta Vista UK to launch free everything ISP

    Except for £30 set-up fee

    Business 05 21:03

  • AMD puts Intel on 1GHz ropes – confirmed

    Systems to be available from tomorrow

    Business 05 21:25

  • AOL boss hangs out with Marxist guerrillas

    ...Or terrorists, as the State Department calls them

    Business 05 22:38