2nd March 2000 Archive

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  • US judge OK's online voting in spite of racial bias

    Jeez, has Mary Robinson heard about this?

    Business 02 06:16

  • MS, Lotus execs and mother in mutual death threat claims

    The software wars are a lot tougher in the Philippines...

    Business 02 09:20

  • InterX directors cash in £75m worth of shares

    While upping ante for share placing

    Business 02 09:46

  • Palm stock goes on sale, nets $1.09bn

    But the real fun will come later today when public trading begins

    Business 02 11:14

  • Enthusiastic analyst pushes Apple stock to new high

    New desktops, notebooks the basis for a "strong" quarter

    Business 02 11:48

  • Unsaturated low fat diet for European PC vendors

    Wibbly Wobbly Web fuels sales

    Business 02 12:03

  • Infiniband to boldly go where no IO gone before

    But probably a bit later rather than sooner

    Business 02 12:20

  • IBM boffins unveil 0.08 micron chip process

    Electron beams replace light to boost chip transistor counts 1000 times

    Business 02 12:28

  • Nude Surfers gather in London ‘cyberlounge’

    Gay, transgender theme nights too

    Business 02 12:31

  • R&D and expansion costs hit Psion net

    Minnow betting on big-time shoulders heavy burden

    Business 02 12:42

  • MS Win2k video drivers vanish between gold and retail code

    Build 2195's fine. But not all versions of it...

    Business 02 12:51

  • FSA puts bullet in bulletin boards

    Ignore the tips, regulator says

    Business 02 12:53

  • Credit card fraudsters cost Expedia $6 million

    Victim of crime racket

    Business 02 13:02

  • SGI finally sells off Cray

    Buyer Tera to change name to Cray in desperate quest for profitability

    Business 02 13:06

  • Lucent spin-off unlikely to be last

    I fell into a burning ring of fire

    Business 02 13:09

  • Wildfire Alpha gets May launch now

    But over 200 deals worth half a billion bucks

    Business 02 13:26

  • OneSwoop.com crawls into service

    Would you buy a used car from this site?

    Business 02 13:31

  • InterX distie arm still for sale

    Share dealers excited

    Business 02 13:36

  • Telewest goes tits up in Bristol

    Leased line customer blames SurfVeryLimited users

    Business 02 13:54

  • Nvidia NV20, NV15 details leak

    More from under the CeBIT bushel

    Business 02 14:07

  • We've got more rabbis than you

    Jewish site aims to make religion more accessible

    Business 02 14:33

  • Evesham offers to buy out school RM lease contracts

    That sounds like war

    Business 02 15:02

  • AMD Athlon stormed during Q1 says channel

    There are no shortages -- official

    Business 02 15:32

  • World Online eats up bun.com

    News International throws in ISP towel

    Business 02 15:40

  • Unauthorised PlayStation 2 exports illegal

    Console vendor highlights obscure Japanese trade law to deter overseas buyers

    Business 02 16:15

  • Intel to dribble out 1GHz Cumine this month

    This is really beginning to megahurt

    Business 02 16:35

  • City squabbles over £1bn Lastminute price tag

    Grey market share price blows value sky high - and some

    Business 02 18:06

  • Kevin Mitnick was no hacker

    Legendary phone phreaker says he rarely touched a keyboard

    Business 02 19:52