29th February 2000 Archive

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  • Net appliance will boost PC biz, not kill it – survey

    A future, not the future

    Business 29 00:01

  • Cash Register: 15-21 Feb 2000

    More tales from the Bubble Economy

    Business 29 00:07

  • Janet Reno dismisses central cyber-security agency

    Argument against Big Government reveals fear of dancing to another's tune

    Business 29 06:21

  • Nvidia hides NV11, NV15 under CeBIT bushel

    No stand didn't mean it had nothing to say

    Business 29 08:10

  • Intel jumps on WAP-wagon

    More investments on the way

    Business 29 09:23

  • Big Q snaps up Kodak-man

    And wins big French Alpha deal

    Business 29 09:47

  • The NSA begs to differ with CBS

    It's all legal....you got a problem, write your Congressman

    Business 29 10:03

  • No easy Itanium-McKinley transition for Intel

    Further countdown to conundrum in IA-64

    Business 29 10:21

  • Bill's big deals go MIA – rolls out MSN Mobile 2 instead

    AT&T, BT, Sprint don't provide keynote-fodder after all

    Business 29 11:04

  • Gateway: no support crisis at firm

    Europe outsources when it needs to

    Business 29 11:08

  • Palm IPO stock price doubles to $32 per share

    3Com subsidiary to be worth more than its parent

    Business 29 11:25

  • MS-owned Slate reports Gates as 1999's top giver

    Outstanding editorial decisions of the millennium - not.

    Business 29 11:37

  • Reports suggest 29 Feb clock trouble

    Programmers, eh?

    Business 29 11:41

  • Opera goes public with EPOC browser beta

    Gloom at Psion as last excuse for not shipping The Reg a netBook vanishes...

    Business 29 12:02

  • BT Internet is cheaper than BT Surftime

    Evenings free, subs cut, from tomorrow

    Business 29 12:32

  • Qualcomm does smartphone deal with MS – and Symbian

    Cunningly playing both ends of the field

    Business 29 12:49

  • Sun tie-in to push Palm as wireless thin client

    Java on Palm to power handheld as moble data, application platform

    Business 29 12:54

  • Lycos comes to US market with free Net access

    Cat well and truly among the pigeons

    Business 29 12:54

  • Pick up the phones, your boss is on the screen

    2002 launch for NEC three-way video conferencing PDAs

    Business 29 13:08

  • Chip team applies Linux approach to CPU design

    OpenCores' OpenRisc 1000 core to debut under GNU licence

    Business 29 13:34

  • Cheapzilla: I'm a gonna get you Chipzilla

    Ding ding. Seconds out as fight heats up

    Business 29 13:52

  • Swedes claim world's first Bluetooth mouse

    A year before it hits the shops

    Business 29 14:25

  • Refunds for SurfVeryLimited customers

    Telewest teething problems

    Business 29 15:05

  • Microsoft and Caldera – dispelling the myths

    The aborted trial was a lot less important than you might think...

    Business 29 15:21

  • Ericsson polices CeBIT bootleggers

    Pirates in a Messe

    Business 29 15:21

  • Barclays swoops on porn-at-work staff

    Fifty under investigation

    Business 29 15:40

  • Martha Lane Fox hedges bets with Sale of The Century

    From clicks to mortar for industry's favourite fat kitten

    Business 29 16:06

  • Rambus Ink goes through the roof

    News from the front line

    Business 29 16:30

  • What a difference a Dot makes

    dot net to make Brummie reseller a millionaire

    Business 29 16:46

  • Channel feasts on live Athlon processors

    But it's vulture time for INTCzilla

    Business 29 16:49

  • Autumn leaves will fall before ADSL rolls out in Britain

    Updated: BT opens order books on 20 April

    Business 29 17:09

  • An MS-friendly president? Candidate Bush blinks

    Some people will do anything to get elected...

    Business 29 19:03