28th February 2000 Archive

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  • Intel confirms price slides

    Come on down, the price is right

    Business 28 Feb 08:17

  • Rise/ST Micro to challenge Natsemi

    As predicted last year, X86 cross licences galore...

    Business 28 Feb 08:46

  • Intel dumps Chips and Tech customer burden on Asiliant

    No more fabbing, building, servicing any more

    Business 28 Feb 09:36

  • Intel admits SDRAM as good as Rambus memory

    Problems with the i840, i820 to be fixed May

    Business 28 Feb 10:07

  • Cowpland sees share price upside for Corel

    And with Borland now under the belt, the big push beckons

    Business 28 Feb 11:16

  • BT network crash caused by software

    Glitch blamed for massive outage

    Business 28 Feb 11:37

  • Sun hits back at Intel Itanium tale…

    Smoky mirrors hide transparent Intel intent

    Business 28 Feb 11:41

  • Sega admits 1999 loss will double to $411m

    Dreamcast sales failed to meet expectations - and then some

    Business 28 Feb 11:52

  • Win2k – Sun calls in the Exterminator

    Exterminator flees in terror...

    Business 28 Feb 11:59

  • Fuß Notes from the Messe…

    ...and so it goes

    Business 28 Feb 12:12

  • Online farmers expose Reed Net House of Straw

    Huff and puff but not enough stuff

    Business 28 Feb 12:14

  • Berkeley scientists develop bionic chip

    This sounds like it might even be the real thing

    Business 28 Feb 12:15

  • Freeserve joins National Lottery bid

    Giant ISP gets together with Camelot and Post Office

    Business 28 Feb 12:58

  • Prof proposes music biz ends copyright protection obsession

    Allow copying, share profits like broadcasting royalties

    Business 28 Feb 13:07

  • Govts abuse ECHELON on each other's behalf to skirt laws

    We're shocked, shocked, to learn that spying is going on

    Business 28 Feb 13:10

  • eXchange Holdings wants to be known as MoneyExtra.com

    It's a consumer finance thing

    Business 28 Feb 13:47

  • StorageTek unveils fibre channel products

    New kit aimed at SAN market

    Business 28 Feb 14:08

  • Oz music stores hit out at exclusive Net deal with rival

    Tension mounts along online/offline border

    Business 28 Feb 14:10

  • AMD Flash: Gordon Bennett, it's a snafu

    But questions remain over FASL jv

    Business 28 Feb 14:17

  • L&H aims at $12bn market with Linux voice handheld

    Touring the East to drum up interest

    Business 28 Feb 16:02

  • X-Box to ship fall 2001, nuke Sony, Nintendo et al

    Dvorak's new world...

    Business 28 Feb 16:31

  • Yahoo! and News Corp to merge?

    Makes sense, but that's not always enough

    Business 28 Feb 16:41

  • Intel postpones 866MHz, 833MHz CuMine launch

    How can we comment on an unannounced product?

    Business 28 Feb 17:05

  • Etailers not as trustworthy as high street rivals

    So says research from company with axe to grind…

    Business 28 Feb 17:08