27th February 2000 Archive

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  • NatSemi says Transmeta, Intel no threat to Geode

    Geode gets everywhere at show

    Business 27 11:21

  • AMD Athlon 600 goes on allocation

    First signs of big price actions

    Business 27 11:23

  • Mobo makers unenthusiastic about Camino

    Write something nice, they say

    Business 27 11:24

  • USB 2.0 spec two, three months away

    Plenty of USB 1.1 around, however

    Business 27 11:39

  • Intel slashes prices, intros 866MHz, 850MHz chips

    And so it came to pass. AMD's turn today

    Business 27 19:59

  • BT offers free local calls ‘within a year’

    Sunday Express splash

    Business 27 22:04

  • Exhibitors less than gruntled with CeBIT crash

    DT 'nearly overwhelmed'

    Business 27 22:18

  • Pine trails MP3 on CD portable

    Play that funky music, Geek Boy

    Business 27 22:56