26th February 2000 Archive

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  • French credit card hacker convicted

    Crime doesn’t pay, and neither does integrity...

    Business 26 08:41

  • Microsoft drowns out Corel

    Pump up the volume

    Business 26 11:05

  • CeBIT – for Germany, or the World?

    Either way, it's enormous

    Business 26 11:09

  • Schroder calls for Blue Collar Net junkies

    More jobs wanted, too

    Business 26 11:14

  • Sommer attacks EU competition regime

    Big is good

    Business 26 11:18

  • German IT lobby chief calls for relaxed immigration controls

    ...and Internet price cuts

    Business 26 11:32

  • CeBIT letter sets out opposition to online media

    But offers best regards

    Business 26 12:49