25th February 2000 Archive

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  • Inside Quartz: Symbian's new Palm-killer platform

    And to what extent are the Symbian buddies really friends?

    Business 25 Feb 09:38

  • Shotgun-toting Ericsson gang tangles with Greek SWAT team

    Survival of the foolish in Swedish team building, evidently...

    Business 25 Feb 10:43

  • AMD Thunderbird is go go

    Well, sort of, so so

    Business 25 Feb 10:43

  • Toshiba shows off wearable devices

    Computers you can hang round your neck -- what will they think of next?

    Business 25 Feb 10:45

  • Sending out an SOS(.com)

    US company cashes in on domain sale frenzy by selling URL and trademark

    Business 25 Feb 10:50

  • Via downplays swift Joshua impact

    Slow and steady, not quick and dirty

    Business 25 Feb 10:59

  • MS shows GSM Pocket PC, plans games for devices

    All this and Pocket Internet Explorer too...

    Business 25 Feb 11:04

  • Ten month Flash memory drought ahead

    Semi-firms puff and blow to keep up with demand

    Business 25 Feb 11:17

  • S3, German boffins demo stereoscopic OpenGL display

    Runs any app in real 3D. Look, ma, no spex

    Business 25 Feb 11:25

  • Stowaway for Palm a $99 keyboard throwaway

    Bags of stuff from Targus

    Business 25 Feb 11:30

  • The dead centre of the Web

    Undertaker to Webcast funerals

    Business 25 Feb 11:33

  • Corel, S3 aim Linux at NT graphics arena

    And will the next release of Corel Linux to support non-x86 platforms?

    Business 25 Feb 11:47

  • Teachers get Tiny PC deal

    Government scheme gets thumbs up after first four weeks

    Business 25 Feb 12:11

  • Ericsson uses NatSemi WebPAD for Linux screen phone

    And NatSemi Citrix licence signals big Linux push

    Business 25 Feb 12:25

  • Stormy waters ahead for disk drive market

    Analysts predict OEM uptake of CD-RW

    Business 25 Feb 12:40

  • VA Linux revenues rocket – but so does loss

    And the cost of buying Andover.net is still to come

    Business 25 Feb 12:43

  • AOL hit by second class action

    More accusations about AOL 5.0 software

    Business 25 Feb 12:56

  • BT network falls over

    0800/0345/0845 numbers take a dive

    Business 25 Feb 13:03

  • Ericsson demos prototype EPOC communicator

    Got one after all, apparently...

    Business 25 Feb 13:50

  • Oh yes it is, oh no it's not – ZDNet UK goes panto

    Is truth the first casualty of hit-related incentivisation?

    Business 25 Feb 14:56

  • Register beards CeBIT spinmeisters on online press ban

    They've got a little list of approved sites, apparently...

    Business 25 Feb 16:20

  • Freeserve takes ten per cent of UK MP3.com wannabe

    Yet-to-launch Floot.com swaps equity for access to ISP's subscriber base

    Business 25 Feb 16:38

  • BT struggles to cope with massive network failure

    Two out of three gateways out of action

    Business 25 Feb 16:39

  • Motorola unveils phone in a watch WAP device

    But you can't buy it yet

    Business 25 Feb 17:06

  • Net start ups to get developers' forum

    Come to Monte Carlo, and find out what to do with your cash

    Business 25 Feb 17:12

  • Intel could be forced to go fabless – Via

    Opens doors to rapprochement with chip giant

    Business 25 Feb 17:23

  • Net is bad news, says Archbishop

    Isolation, suicide, it's not a pretty picture

    Business 25 Feb 17:30

  • Palm plans GSM wireless access in Europe this year

    But is sketchy on the who and the how

    Business 25 Feb 18:24

  • ZDnet UK hits mother of all millennium bugs

    Sheee...it... What day is it?

    Business 25 Feb 19:57