24th February 2000 Archive

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  • The Mother of all DDoS attacks looms

    Trin00 finally ported to the Win-32 kernel

    Business 24 06:09

  • Former CIA Director apologises to Congress

    Swan song for one of the dumbest computer users alive

    Business 24 07:06

  • Intel stake in UK firm aids drive to single Bluetooth chip

    And brings Bluetooth in every toaster nearer...

    Business 24 10:10

  • Judge's helper Lessig rejects MS breakup solution

    And no open-sourcing Windows either - pussycat, obviously...

    Business 24 10:12

  • Psst, wanna buy a notebook vendor?

    Who needs eBay…?

    Business 24 10:22

  • Hong Kong ding dong over dotcom float

    Traffic grinds to a halt as crowds register for shares

    Business 24 11:33

  • Compaq sued over insider trading allegations

    Shareholder seeks access to accounts

    Business 24 11:49

  • Psion's Potter goes ZD UK-baiting

    Hush-hush deal with semiconductor outfit beginning with M. Not.

    Business 24 11:50

  • MS claims victory over hack attack

    We'd have prudently kept our mouths shut...

    Business 24 12:37

  • No sex please, we're emailing

    A busy Inbox is bad for your hard drive

    Business 24 12:48

  • Viglen dips toe into net investments

    Static profits

    Business 24 12:50

  • Seagate launches ‘world speed record’ 15,000rpm hard drive

    Goes like stink, apparently

    Business 24 13:02

  • Mars attack – new MSN Internet UI spotted

    If it was in an antitrust case, we could say 'Justice Bars Mars"

    Business 24 13:32

  • Apple mulls info appliance launch

    Expects to ship 40 per cent more Macs this year, too

    Business 24 13:40

  • Toshiba eyes March for delayed digital music player launch

    Aiwa to ship MP3 machine in June

    Business 24 16:41

  • Who do you Voodoo 4 and 5 – 3dfx talks

    PC/Mac cards ship in spring

    Business 24 17:07