23rd February 2000 Archive

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  • Viral marketing adds a taste of spam to your mail

    Benign Active-X trojan secretly alters your signature

    Business 23 06:58

  • Electronic conveyancing takes house buying online

    Moving home to become easy PC

    Business 23 09:45

  • Compaq likely to use Via's Joshua chip

    Average selling price of $80, speeds of 466MHz

    Business 23 09:51

  • Judge rejects MS copyright case, mentions Rockefeller

    Standard Oil looms as awful fate for MS

    Business 23 10:03

  • American heartland votes for uncensored Net content

    The little library that could

    Business 23 10:28

  • CeBIT Preview: a peek through the keyhole

    That's another fine Messe you've got us into...

    Business 23 10:43

  • Dow Jones, Excite JV bids for Web IPO gravy

    The old guard has been getting jealous - but Dow Jones Newswire still can't print '@'

    Business 23 10:58

  • Hardware Roundup AMD to can K6-2+?

    We stroll round the wibbly wobbly web

    Business 23 11:10

  • Hacking hysteria invigorates insurance industry

    And security firms are supportive -- shocker

    Business 23 11:12

  • Intel readies move into Bangladesh

    A curious tale, this one

    Business 23 11:38

  • SuSE deal puts SCO in driving seat

    Now has three key Linux buddies

    Business 23 11:42

  • Brown takes heat off BT

    New York speech lacks a little of last week's umph

    Business 23 12:01

  • Win2000 brings justice to a stop

    Only, 24 hours from Tulsa

    Business 23 12:04

  • UK gov't targets cyber terror

    Calls on nations of the world to unite against new threat

    Business 23 12:30

  • Alcatel/Newbridge merger confirmed

    Deal worth $7.1 billion gets green light

    Business 23 13:37

  • Oracle does the wireless portal me-too two-step

    It's unique, says Larry. You should get out more, says The Reg

    Business 23 14:23

  • Symbian rolls out Quartz design for communicator

    Motorola and Psion to debut devices in Q2 2001. Not urgent, apparently...

    Business 23 15:00

  • AMD, Via, Intel chipsets – FIC's future view

    FIC's Overclocking BIOS an overclocker's boon

    Business 23 15:26

  • AMD tells resellers Athlon story

    There's an awful lot of systems out there

    Business 23 15:49

  • Intel re-tells 1.5GHz story at CeBIT

    It's essentially that IDF tale once more

    Business 23 15:59

  • Rambus share price goes ape banana-ballistic

    $200! What a nightmare....

    Business 23 16:03

  • Get off your horse and use the Net

    Time to get serious about e-biz, warns lawyer

    Business 23 16:29

  • Evesham drops the Micros for dot com

    Not going 100% online just yet

    Business 23 16:39

  • MS software censors anti- censorship theatre

    Profanities blocked - you couldn't make it up, and if you did, you couldn't mail it

    Business 23 17:47