22nd February 2000 Archive

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  • AMD Athlon 933MHz to cost less than $850 in April

    It's another Intel price massacree

    Business 22 06:16

  • Intel to plunge $250 million into Infineon

    Not the first DRAM investment it's made

    Business 22 07:05

  • Russian leader Putin unleashes KGB on the Web

    Political blackmail industry predicted

    Business 22 07:15

  • Intel chipset roadmaps more like roadworks

    You've got to be a genius to figure this little lot out

    Business 22 07:50

  • Diamond MM threatens to sue SuperRio over trademark

    Little guy folds, solicits new name

    Business 22 08:05

  • Contenders pile into Brit online finance news wars

    Read it in the Monday papers

    Business 22 09:46

  • Cash Register: 1-14 Feb, 2000


    Business 22 10:22

  • Net banking is for Scandinavians in anoraks

    ...says net bank boss

    Business 22 10:31

  • MS loses Korean action over Windows trademark

    Local diary maker triumphant

    Business 22 11:18

  • Gates buys stake in aircraft carrier builder

    MS Flight Sim claims another victim...

    Business 22 11:18

  • Want to publish your credit card details? That'll do nicely, sir

    Gaping hole in etailer security

    Business 22 11:35

  • Colour Palm IIIc ships

    Spec, pricing as per leaks

    Business 22 11:42

  • Crusoe to dominate Taiwanese production, says Transmeta

    But this could turn out to a little bit optimistic...

    Business 22 12:30

  • Excite embarrassed by kiddie porn links

    Links removed, Scotland Yard alerted…

    Business 22 12:46

  • Psion, Nokia, Palm et al push mobile data sync standard

    SyncML Initiative to leverage XML standard

    Business 22 13:11

  • Linuxcare challenges MS to open Windows source

    In desperate and somewhat strained bid for publicity

    Business 22 13:38

  • How to hack Tesco's DVD player – Register readers write

    It's a doddle

    Business 22 14:15

  • Euro Net foundation born – a think tank too far?

    EIF to address 'network society issues' and 'shape public policies'

    Business 22 14:55

  • No settlement, so MS and DoJ return to court

    And zero hour draws closer...

    Business 22 15:03

  • Capita, MS push Win2k to schools market

    Deal develops new site and tackles piracy

    Business 22 15:08

  • HP shows off chubby looking thin client

    Intel/MS backed e-Vectra aims to simplify management

    Business 22 16:11

  • Motorola buys network processor pioneer

    C-Port acquired for $430m

    Business 22 16:19

  • German students get cut price AOL rates

    Ten DM gets you hour a day free

    Business 22 17:15

  • AMD Athlon at heart of Microsoft X-Box spec

    AMD Dresden builds Gigapixel-designed chipset

    Business 22 17:30

  • France Telecom declines to open up ADSL to rivals

    Can't get the business plan together, it tells Brussels

    Business 22 17:37