21st February 2000 Archive

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  • IF a picture paints a thousand words, a sketch would do for you

    Halifax pays $1m for IF.com address

    Business 21 00:01

  • Intel now at inflection point – Grove

    Microprocessors just a part of its business

    Business 21 08:54

  • Intel's Y2K desktop, server, mobile roadmap

    Writing is on all sorts of walls

    Business 21 09:36

  • Intel's Celeron pricing to June

    Prices to tumble over next three months

    Business 21 10:03

  • Intel's Pentium III pricing to June

    Prices to tumble over next three months

    Business 21 10:25

  • Infineon IPO to raise $5.9bn

    Biggest German float since Deutsche Telekom in 1996, apparently

    Business 21 10:56

  • Transmeta launches in London

    But PR company decides not to tell us

    Business 21 11:34

  • Intel's manufacturing and packaging crunch

    Twelve inchers, .13 micron et al

    Business 21 11:38

  • Alcatel snaps up Newbridge

    Deal announced tomorrow, FT says

    Business 21 12:18

  • EMI to launch digital music service via Supertracks

    Deal comes alongside similar partnership with Liquid Audio

    Business 21 12:50

  • CallNet 0800 plugs ISDN loophole

    Business users not wanted

    Business 21 13:03

  • WebTV propels e-district to financial stratosphere

    An interactive TV success story. At last

    Business 21 13:25

  • UK Chancellor gives BT another good kicking

    But share price rallies

    Business 21 13:42

  • BSA declares UK piracy truce

    Hurry up, you've only 30 days left...

    Business 21 14:49

  • Micro$oft to sack temp workers after one year

    Letting them hang around and sue you is just too expensive, apparently

    Business 21 15:48

  • AMD to slaughter Intel on Athlon pricing

    700MHz Athlon reduced by around 60 per cent

    Business 21 15:55

  • Tesco slams ‘unnecessary’ DVD zoning

    Offers 'easily hackable' multi-region player

    Business 21 16:37

  • E-retailing kills children – yeah, right

    Net scare story No.94

    Business 21 17:01