18th February 2000 Archive

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  • Malicious hacker seeks to manipulate share price

    'Enterprise computing' enthusiast uploads bogus press release

    Business 18 06:55

  • Playboy pays $700k for Cinema.com

    Definitive global portal

    Business 18 08:58

  • Gates paves way for opening up Windows source

    Oh no he doesn't, shout panic-stricken spinmeisters in unison...

    Business 18 09:05

  • Trust me, I'm a Government-approved Web retailer

    Vital groundbreaking hallmark

    Business 18 10:35

  • 0800 court case trundles on

    Date for trial set today

    Business 18 10:37

  • MS thumps tub for Win2k rollout

    It's big in Philadelphia...

    Business 18 11:05

  • Every man is an island with the Net

    Ultimate isolating technology

    Business 18 11:39

  • DRAM spot prices fall through the floor

    Production cuts required?

    Business 18 11:51

  • DDI to close Nippon Iridium

    Japanese telco to cease funding Iridium too

    Business 18 11:54

  • Ingram warns price increases are on the cards

    Blames vendor squeeze

    Business 18 12:04

  • e-Minister gets her Bills mixed up

    E-Commerce must wait its turn

    Business 18 12:12

  • McCaw to buy Iridium assets in 11th Hour change of plan

    $75m cash injection delayed -- Iridium only gets $5m for now

    Business 18 12:18

  • MSN's next big heave – broadband access from space

    Can Microsoft grab a lead over the Hughes-AOL combo?

    Business 18 12:23

  • Queen forced into online banking

    Coutts loses interest in counter service

    Business 18 12:50

  • Apple culls more Euro marketing teams

    Centralisation in Paris continues, as we anticipated

    Business 18 13:14

  • MacOS' Sherlock surreptitiously sends email addresses

    Second Apple security glitch spotted

    Business 18 13:40

  • Dot-Com firms are hacking each other – expert

    Sophisticated attacks launched in pursuit of the competitive edge

    Business 18 13:59

  • Cisco Euro-disties ratchet up service

    Router touters

    Business 18 14:30

  • CeBIT bans Tom's Hardware, Register

    ...and other online hacks

    Business 18 14:39

  • Abbey National in Cahoots with Net banking

    Wipe the Smile off that Egg

    Business 18 16:06

  • 64-bit Win2k beta for Q2 as Wintel reforms around Itanium

    Does this in some way relate to Intel's snubbing of MS arch-enemy, Sun?

    Business 18 16:24

  • Intel's ‘Kicking’ Pat Gelsinger changes sex at IDF

    ZDNet secures another World exclusive

    Business 18 22:24