17th February 2000 Archive

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  • MS lobbies congress to oppose ‘regulatory death sentence’

    But it's just information, not a leak from the talks, honest...

    Business 17 09:34

  • FBI seeks to apply RICO laws to hackers

    Penalties include forfeiture of property, and serious time inside

    Business 17 09:40

  • How the FBI can r00t your hard drive

    Man, these guys are good... they claim

    Business 17 10:53

  • The Street.co.uk launches – same week as parent goes on sale

    That's what you hire an investment bank for, isn't it?

    Business 17 11:04

  • Microsoft to launch X-Box next month

    Gates to surface at Game Developers Conference?

    Business 17 11:33

  • Crypto must be controlled – FBI director

    Send this clown to Ireland....

    Business 17 11:46

  • Microsoft UK head falls due to old age

    It's a young person's game

    Business 17 12:08

  • Microsoft's UK cable ‘ally’ joins rival camp via Liberate

    'Tell me again Greg - why was it we spent $3bn on Telewest stock?'

    Business 17 12:21

  • Iridium Japan's largest shareholder may close company

    Telco DDI moots pulling out of satellite venture

    Business 17 12:42

  • Encryption rules threaten China Win2k launch

    And heaps of other stuff from Western outfits too - funny that.

    Business 17 12:51

  • BT shares tumble on false Brown Net cuts story

    We said the FT was wrong: we were right

    Business 17 14:01

  • Via fights Intel in UK courts

    Requests dismissal of patent case

    Business 17 14:19

  • Govt calls ex-pat IT professionals back to Blighty

    Why live that California lifestyle when Basingstoke beckons?

    Business 17 15:41

  • NTL conflagration cuts customers' connections

    Phone, Net, TV brought down by fire at cable company

    Business 17 15:55

  • E-commerce Bill to be UK's first Act of the Millennium

    Queen may sign Bill digitally

    Business 17 15:56

  • Intel, Sony side on IEEE 1394, Memory Stick

    Or have they? Intel says 'yes', Sony says 'maybe'...

    Business 17 15:58

  • UK Mac dealer charges £30 for chance to get free mouse

    Rodent would cost $19.99 otherwise

    Business 17 16:45

  • Reg pins down Rambus story

    What a difference a day trader makes

    Business 17 17:54

  • Wall Street clobbers DoubleClick on news of FTC interest

    You can backpedal, but you can't hide

    Business 17 21:52