16th February 2000 Archive

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  • Willamette won't launch at 1.5GHz this autumn

    Inner secrets of Screaming Sindie II

    Business 16 01:41

  • Brown to slash Net charges

    So what's he got to do with it?

    Business 16 09:58

  • Taiwan suppliers confirm DRAM doom and gloom

    No pick-up until Q3

    Business 16 10:14

  • Datrontech launches The Hub

    And leaks new government accreditation scheme for SMEs

    Business 16 10:29

  • Compel blames Y2K sales slowdown

    ...even though revenues jumped 12 per cent

    Business 16 10:36

  • SCH buys Info'Products Europe

    Massive move by Birmingham's finest

    Business 16 10:44

  • Solaris, Win2k on your cellphone? Citrix ships the tools

    Browser-based program neighbourhood system for MetaFrame

    Business 16 10:55

  • Alpha male accuses BT of cross-subsidy

    Poison Pill, he quips

    Business 16 11:28

  • Apple unwraps long-awaited iBook, PowerBook upgrades

    PowerMac line finally makes it to 500MHz, too.

    Business 16 12:00

  • Dell parachutes top exec for Europe fix

    Underperforms US parent

    Business 16 12:06

  • Test lab ‘proves’ both cases in Novell vs. MS directory wars

    Utah outfit retained by both companies justifies respective, contradictory claims

    Business 16 12:27

  • Microsoft's X-Box PlayStation 2 killer spec. leaks out

    Too obvious to be true?

    Business 16 12:54

  • Mac PC emulator to bundle Red Hat Linux

    But why emulate when you can have the real thing?

    Business 16 13:15

  • How do you get your customers to buy online?

    Easy... don't answer the phones

    Business 16 13:31

  • No tears at ISPA Internet Awards

    The usual suspects

    Business 16 13:45

  • T-Online moves in on Club Internet

    Germans and French join forces to conquer Web

    Business 16 13:57

  • Six Dramurai forgive Rambus: Seven Dramurai on cards

    All about Willamette, Foster, Timna et al

    Business 16 15:21

  • Intel disses 1394 for own technology – again

    Last year it was USB 2.0 - now it's Serial ATA

    Business 16 16:08

  • Intel mycelium: the spores bud

    Not a niche but a very cunning plan

    Business 16 16:25

  • Otellini: Watch out for the killer apps

    Basis of US economy is Intel. Next the world

    Business 16 16:50

  • Sony slaps patent suit on PlayStation emulator developer

    Connectix jubilation premature

    Business 16 16:54

  • Govt censors pro-Livingstone Net posts

    ...and IR35 and anti-fox hunting etc., etc.

    Business 16 17:26

  • ATI buys Nintendo's graphics chip partner

    ArtX acquired for $400m

    Business 16 17:29

  • Brown Net cuts story is false

    He won't cut charges -- but will he e-tax .com companies?

    Business 16 17:30

  • Windows, the next generation – Ballmer opens up on NGWS

    All the major assets in the servers, and browser-based apps everywhere. It's not just great artists who steal...

    Business 16 18:18

  • Itanium: the beat goes on

    Vapour phase, up in our brain

    Business 16 19:02

  • Risc vendors have Rubicon to cross

    Some have crossed it, Sun, other's ain't yet

    Business 16 19:20

  • Funny things happened on the way to the forum

    You've gotta laff, init?

    Business 16 19:38

  • Micron DDR samples out and about

    But where's Intel's PC-133 solution?

    Business 16 23:38

  • Willamette chip cores run at 3GHz

    This chip is full of surprises

    Business 16 23:47