15th February 2000 Archive

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  • Intel's Grove: AMD, Via good for PC industry

    PlayStation II not a threat, Wintel alliance pragmatic

    Business 15 02:50

  • DoubleClick stands tall for on-line privacy rights

    We just misunderstood them -- really....

    Business 15 09:23

  • RTLinux patent treads a narrow path

    And frankly, looks a little shaky anyway...

    Business 15 09:46

  • AMD becomes Cheapzilla

    Frantic antics of Chimpzilla exposed

    Business 15 10:06

  • SuSE, MandrakeSoft to promote Linux NC architecture

    But is Linbox's Linbox Network Architecture quite what the company says it is?

    Business 15 12:15

  • Another headmaster caught looking at youth porn

    And another crap excuse

    Business 15 12:39

  • Swiss regulator investigates complaints of high MS prices

    Prices for software said to be higher than other European countries

    Business 15 12:59

  • Linux troops expected to rally for Win2k launch

    All friendly good-humoured stuff?

    Business 15 13:03

  • Samsung, Hyundai accelerate graphics RAM speeds

    Target ATI, 3dfx, S3 et al

    Business 15 13:42

  • How much did you say Student-net cost?

    We set the record straight

    Business 15 16:08

  • Web site offers fake alibi for philanderers

    Your cheating heart

    Business 15 16:11

  • IBM deal boosts Symbian devices in corporate networks

    And the deal's rather like one Psion prepared earlier...

    Business 15 17:00

  • Intel demos 1.5GHz Willamette

    Grove outlines Chipzilla's change of emphasis

    Business 15 17:04

  • Symbol deal gives Intel IP bridgehead in wireless LANs

    If you mention barcodes they won't read the story - Ed.

    Business 15 17:26

  • Yu rips opens Willamette kimono

    Roadmaps, roadmaps...roadmaps

    Business 15 17:35

  • AMD elaborates on MP plans

    But no show at CeBIT

    Business 15 20:17

  • Intel elaborates on Sun Solaris spat

    There'll be some gnashing of teeth at Scott's place

    Business 15 20:26

  • Will Intel's Timna be a graphics turnoff?

    Cos you can't turn the graphics off

    Business 15 20:33

  • Rambus share price goes absolutely crackers

    And we've no idea why...

    Business 15 23:29