14th February 2000 Archive

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  • Pirate plays Third World card in MS court case

    ...and Kenya judge agrees

    Business 14 01:08

  • Washington saddles up in Quixotic pursuit of on-line privacy

    The war on cookies, and other exploits

    Business 14 05:52

  • MS, Bandai designing Power Ranger talking toy

    Windows Everywhere? There? Grief...

    Business 14 09:06

  • NT 4.0 and Millennium win MSDN reprieve

    Now you don't see them, now you do...

    Business 14 09:09

  • Bugs, Gartner and Dell rain on Win2k's parade

    But really, it's all been overblown...

    Business 14 09:15

  • Piracy gets political as MS loses Kenya case

    Perpetrator hails 'victory for morality' against 'greedy multinational'

    Business 14 09:35

  • Gates was big Mac fan, ex-girlfriend reveals

    And he was jealous of Steve Jobs' speaking skills. And she thought Steve Ballmer was a big jerk

    Business 14 09:38

  • MS roadmaps Blackcomb, plans mid-year beta of next Win2k rev

    Old one-two returns - Blackcomb's hard, Whistler's a lot easier, and shippable

    Business 14 09:40

  • Deutsche Telekom parades Net flat fees

    AOL Europe gets the DTs

    Business 14 11:14

  • Desktop Lawyer offers bargain basement prenuptial service

    Forms for swinging lovers

    Business 14 11:59

  • Cabletron shares jump as company splits

    Cleaves in four for 'focus and agility'

    Business 14 12:37

  • Durlacher slams metered prices

    Interesting report, BT says

    Business 14 12:44

  • Proto-Itaniums reach proto-Forum

    Eight PC vendors a go-go

    Business 14 14:24

  • William Plague defaces No.10 Web site

    Racist, homophobes and pranksters invade discussion forums

    Business 14 14:41

  • DDos degrades the Net

    Keynote Address

    Business 14 15:11

  • Freeserve ADSL trial springs into action

    ...three months late

    Business 14 15:19

  • AMD profits from PIII famine

    Usually weak Q1 sales to match strong holiday quarter

    Business 14 15:23

  • Cannabis e-retailer claims moral righteousness

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it

    Business 14 15:27

  • British hack savages hand that feeds him

    Bribe not big enough, then?

    Business 14 16:06

  • Is another MS antitrust case brewing in Japan?

    It does rather look like somebody's getting their retaliation in early...

    Business 14 16:24

  • Porn sites undermine Paris brothels

    Net start-ups invade the red light district and scare off punters

    Business 14 16:47

  • AMD to axe Athlon prices Feb 28

    The war that megahurtz continues

    Business 14 18:36

  • Developers urged to port apps to Willamette

    Goodbye Screaming Sindie, hello Screaming William

    Business 14 18:51

  • Internet security firm RSA's Web site hacked

    We feel safer already

    Business 14 19:37

  • Intel: Memory strategy unchanged (cough)

    Except it sort of has

    Business 14 22:00

  • Solaris for Itanium looking dead flakey

    Another OS drops off the Merced coil?

    Business 14 23:42