11th February 2000 Archive

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  • Court seizes home computers in Northwest Airlines labour dispute

    Rather jack-booted and thuggish, isn't it?

    Business 11 05:27

  • Via sets date for Joshua Celeron rival

    Can Via succeed where its purchases failed?

    Business 11 08:48

  • FBI refuses to open source for Linux DDOS detector

    But wants to make it widely available...

    Business 11 09:28

  • IBM thumps the Win2k tub, but supports everything

    Serial agnosticism rife inside former OS warrior

    Business 11 10:36

  • PlayStation-on-Mac developer gets sales ban lifted

    But it's not the victory Connectix thinks it is

    Business 11 11:25

  • Austrian Freedom Party ‘declares war on English speakers’

    Lederhosen, schnapps and Nazi sympathisers

    Business 11 11:25

  • LateRooms takes a pop at Lastminute

    Reckons it's a lean, mean e-business machine

    Business 11 11:35

  • Valentine's Day debut for Telewest free Net calls service

    And broadband lurking just around the corner

    Business 11 12:30

  • Dell's power to drive profits slows to crawl

    Corporates' server spending spree may not be enough to increase earnings

    Business 11 12:40

  • European PC market driven by Net

    Germany dominates, pushes Fujitsu Siemens to No. 2

    Business 11 12:49

  • AOL demands flat fees for Germany

    Is there no start to this company's political skills?

    Business 11 13:35

  • Adobe to bring PDF to Palm PDAs

    Paves way for e-book PalmOS licensees

    Business 11 14:10

  • AMD jumps gun in MHz wars

    Launches 850MHz three whole days ahead of schedule

    Business 11 14:45

  • Buy books with your mobile phone

    WHSmith goes WAP-tastic

    Business 11 15:32

  • Second-generation DDoS tools now easily detected

    Not that you'll do anything about it....

    Business 11 15:44

  • Man Utd in £30m Vodafone deal

    That should just about cover Roy Keene's wages

    Business 11 15:57

  • UK PM Webcasts to the nation

    It's all part of the Blair Net Project

    Business 11 17:00

  • UK gov't reveals Big Brother bill

    Police to get access to emails, spy on Net use etc

    Business 11 17:42

  • Three Intel mobos scrapped because of chipset probs

    Two new codenames emerge from Chipzilla skunkworks

    Business 11 18:30

  • LinuxOne nicks Register Flame of The Week

    Homage or theft?

    Business 11 20:00