10th February 2000 Archive

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  • Taiwanese TFT makers form industry body

    And prices keep on falling in Japan

    Business 10 Feb 09:52

  • The Streets Online are paved with gold

    Company rises without trace to bag £150m IPO

    Business 10 Feb 09:52

  • Linux server sales surge as NT treads water

    Into second place, and closing?

    Business 10 Feb 11:09

  • Amstrad doubles profit

    Cash up, stock levels down -- trebles all round

    Business 10 Feb 11:16

  • MS pushes developers to switch from NT to Win2k

    And doesn't seem to want them to work with Millennium at all. Weird.

    Business 10 Feb 11:48

  • Did the CIA launch DoS attacks against ZDNet?

    You want conspiracy theories, we got 'em

    Business 10 Feb 11:58

  • Willamette it or won't it?

    Register staffers in a quandary

    Business 10 Feb 12:22

  • DRAM industry sits on massive overstocks

    Inventory clear-out sees prices fall

    Business 10 Feb 13:02

  • S3 and Nvidia kiss and make up

    Peace in our time

    Business 10 Feb 13:13

  • Iridium to receive $75m from Teledesic's McCaw

    Rescue cash injection three times anticipated investment

    Business 10 Feb 13:17

  • Integrator Forum gears up for 2000

    Get your sun cream out, we're off to Monte Carlo

    Business 10 Feb 13:22

  • Intel pledges 800MHz Itanium launch speed

    So has it bypassed Merced with McKinley?

    Business 10 Feb 13:46

  • E-envoy pledges to improved wired gov't

    Well, that's a relief -- but haven't we heard it all before?

    Business 10 Feb 13:48

  • EU MS probe focuses on directories, tying, e-commerce

    Might the Commission find MS' stated strategy is illegal? Whoops...

    Business 10 Feb 14:11

  • Linux second best-selling server OS in 1999

    And almost as popular as the MacOS on the client side

    Business 10 Feb 14:38

  • Reno, FBI feast on bad network security

    Manna from Heaven shows why FIDNET is so important....

    Business 10 Feb 16:05

  • Amazon UK search throws up XXX answer

    Not for the easily offended

    Business 10 Feb 16:08

  • Red Hat invades Italy and France

    Chasing the sun

    Business 10 Feb 16:19

  • ‘Defamed’ bulletin board firm primes lawyers

    Anonymous tipster has cover blown as options are weighed

    Business 10 Feb 16:22

  • Corel plus Borland plus Linux – is this the big one?

    The competition to MS could just be reaching critical mass

    Business 10 Feb 16:31

  • Registration Wizard casts spell on Office 2000

    Will turn software counterfeiters into frogs

    Business 10 Feb 17:55