9th February 2000 Archive

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  • Chip shortage knocks Tosh off top notebook slot

    My, aren't these vendors so polite to Intel?

    Business 09 07:53

  • AMD, CA kiss and canoodle on corporate desktop

    The wedge and nothing but the wedge

    Business 09 08:14

  • Northamber profit squishes Y2K bug

    Increases dividend for what was meant to be the industry's trading black hole

    Business 09 09:29

  • Paul McCartney account details leaked on second user PC

    Red faces at blue blood bank

    Business 09 10:38

  • UK shares bulletin board faces legal bullet

    The legal scribbling could be on the wallpaper

    Business 09 10:53

  • Gumzilla gums Blairzilla

    Gum, gum gum gum gum

    Business 09 11:03

  • L&H unveils Linux speech engine

    Goodbye GUI, yellow SUI?

    Business 09 11:03

  • Intel to become Toyzilla™ for Barbie, Ken

    Smart toys? What's wrong with a doll or a gun?

    Business 09 11:35

  • Warner threatens Harry Potter fan sites

    Our URLs, not yours

    Business 09 12:22

  • Compaq, Dell, Gateway sued over comms patent

    Other PC makers also in the firing line for royalties

    Business 09 12:29

  • AMD share price tipped for $56 by YE

    Meanwhile Sanders sells half a million

    Business 09 12:46

  • Reuters to put its core business on the Internet

    How sure are we this is a smart idea?

    Business 09 13:15

  • Massed hack attack hits major Web sites

    Amazon, CNN, eBay hit hard -- no site safe from further action

    Business 09 13:16

  • Upstart Amazon gets very own FTC investigation

    But only a little one, into a sub...

    Business 09 13:17

  • IBM has very fine clutch of code-names

    But it still has no idea what it's doing

    Business 09 13:18

  • Compaq's build your own Linux PDA project

    Doesn't the Samsung one look remarkably similar?

    Business 09 13:18

  • Geldof and Moore plug WapWorld

    Celebrity Endorsement Watch: Part 1 of an occasional series

    Business 09 13:26

  • Intel Bunny Suit no protection against deep freeze

    It's cold over there in Nebraska

    Business 09 14:53

  • WStore offers 99% discount on PCs – kinda


    Business 09 15:32

  • EU to investigate Windows 2000

    'Several complaints'

    Business 09 15:37

  • Intel could revisit Socket Seven

    Unbelievable? Not completely and not entirely

    Business 09 15:50

  • Murdoch gang rejigs Net offering

    Some people don't change their socks this frequently

    Business 09 15:57

  • Cromwell falls under InterX spell

    Merger puts £226m tag on Broadvision Wannabe

    Business 09 16:32

  • Sony confesses PlayStation 2 won't play all PSX 1 games

    And that could mean a lot of unplayable titles

    Business 09 17:22

  • It ain't so heavy, it's my Novell

    Lagom -- it reads better in Swedish

    Business 09 20:54

  • Cash Register: Jan 4-31, 2000

    All the news that's print to fit

    Business 09 23:19