8th February 2000 Archive

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  • AMD copperwhopper Intel heartstopper

    1.1GHz Athlon will Cu-you, Jimmy

    Business 08 08:18

  • Acer finds Ideal channel partner

    Big plans to raise profile, and sell kit too

    Business 08 08:29

  • Gateway 600MHz Athlon box spotted

    Where? For sale on the Gateway Web site, that's where

    Business 08 08:54

  • DRAM VAT ‘scam’ nets £20m

    Three deny charges

    Business 08 09:51

  • DRAM VAT ‘scam’ nets £20m

    Three deny charges

    Business 08 09:51

  • Tabloid trumpets Net IPO with binman's £20m fortune

    It could be you

    Business 08 09:58

  • Intel stake in Esoft? 666,666 shares…

    Five per centers name of the game

    Business 08 10:08

  • MS makes its play to own Web voice APIs

    The Next Big Thing?

    Business 08 10:24

  • Was Mattel CEO pushed from Microsoft's board?

    The matters may be in some way connected...

    Business 08 10:33

  • Intel unveils cunning network mobo plan

    ATX spex for home nets emerges

    Business 08 10:42

  • Boffins beat Moore's Law with quantum magic

    Look, ma, no wires

    Business 08 11:14

  • QXL splashes £38 million in red ink

    ...but meets key strategic objectives

    Business 08 11:16

  • 1999 a record year for chip sales

    Net drives up demand for silicon after late 90s' downturn

    Business 08 11:55

  • HP lens focuses Itanium-Merced strategy

    What we see is what we haven't yet got

    Business 08 12:06

  • Riot police prep batons for MS Demo 2000

    Eat the Rich Version 2

    Business 08 12:22

  • Teenage dot com sensation sweeps Mystery Awards

    Rich and sexy too

    Business 08 13:20

  • Akamai snaps up rival for $2.8bn

    Stock swap nabs InterVu in expansion-by-acquisition bid

    Business 08 14:08

  • MP3.com countersues music industry trade body

    We're not paranoid -- the RIAA really is out to get us, claims virtual CD player company

    Business 08 14:41

  • DDD: system claims to circumvent Internet

    Cloudy net mystery surrounded by enigma

    Business 08 15:27

  • Callnet backlog claims come under fire

    Not cleared, some users say

    Business 08 16:05

  • Say hello to hologram RAM

    Japanese researchers bring optical memory one step closer to practical reality

    Business 08 16:18

  • Net Q&A for UK home secretary

    Jack offers to handle your queries

    Business 08 16:59

  • Via, AMD, others strike back at Intel riser plans

    SiG will develop extremely cunning response

    Business 08 17:26