7th February 2000 Archive

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  • So what is the difference between Jobworld.com and Jobworld.co.uk?

    Two rival publishing houses, that's what

    Business 07 02:29

  • efax.com fights efax.co.uk

    First -- and maybe last -- round to Brits

    Business 07 02:37

  • Philippines can't afford Intel inside

    Income tax holiday not enough

    Business 07 07:46

  • Virgin carries out payment freeze threat

    Holds £50m to ransom

    Business 07 09:40

  • Gates promises enriching experience for UK lottery

    Under the circs, why would you bother making it up?

    Business 07 10:08

  • Race to 1GHz bad for end users

    Semi companies rolling revs out too fast

    Business 07 10:33

  • Gizmo-happy DoCoMo may bid to buy Orange

    The Japanese outfits toys could make Hans Snook a very happy man...

    Business 07 11:08

  • Samsung designs Palm-style colour ARM-based Linux MP3 PDA

    Or it claims it does, anyway. See story for more do-everything claims.

    Business 07 11:09

  • CIA head slapped in Net porn exposé

    Home PC found wanting security

    Business 07 11:33

  • Meet Mr. newagegossip.co.uk

    Truly liberating

    Business 07 11:37

  • Linux-on-PowerPC team update distros' reference release

    Version 1.1 to unify Mac Linux core functionality

    Business 07 11:40

  • CallNet back in action

    No catch free Net access on offer again, with catches

    Business 07 12:04

  • MS pitches twin controller approach for mobile devices

    Not more expensive, honest. We don't know why either...

    Business 07 12:04

  • Former Borland Mr Big sells more stuff to Big M

    Technology helps send large pictures (why would he have thought of that?) over wireless

    Business 07 12:06

  • BBC can't get its tongue round the Web

    It's a case of dots before the ears

    Business 07 12:11

  • Be to launch info appliance OS today

    BeIA to replace BeOS as flagship product

    Business 07 12:25

  • Rapid demise of Slot One causes more problems

    Socket-to-slot convertors meet OEM resistance

    Business 07 12:27

  • Big Blue boffins to unveil 4.5GHz CPU breakthrough

    All to do with multiple clock chips, apparently

    Business 07 12:51

  • Hawkeyed Mirror hacks drop BBC clanger

    New cyber cop show could be in need of a better plotline...

    Business 07 13:04

  • Welcome to the post-PC era

    Sales of Net-enabled devices to outstrip the humble PC by 2002

    Business 07 13:26

  • 3dfx fires 20 per cent of workforce

    Graphics company's new CEO swings the axe, as promised

    Business 07 13:33

  • Ageism has no place at Sun – 500 year olds welcome

    Both feet in the grave

    Business 07 13:56

  • Compaq wants return to storage SANity

    But when's the acquisition happening?

    Business 07 14:07

  • Bill Gates luvs Sir David Frost (true)

    Let's play softball

    Business 07 14:30

  • Online ads in the palm of your hand

    Massive market with small screens

    Business 07 14:53

  • Teledesic's McCaw to pump $20m into Iridium

    But a takeover has been rejected -- for now

    Business 07 15:24

  • Arrow targets French distie

    Intel/AMD house snapped up

    Business 07 15:50

  • AOL hot on Freeserve's heels

    Or is it? And at what price?

    Business 07 16:01

  • AOL kicks off WAP trial

    WAP bop a loo WAP...

    Business 07 16:13

  • Wooster sues Jeeves

    What, ho!

    Business 07 16:32

  • Wooster sues My Man Jeeves

    What, ho!

    Business 07 16:32

  • Intel claims volume 1GHz on Coppermine RSN™

    Not just feasible, manufacturable....

    Business 07 18:00

  • Surprise, Surprise, Corel gets Inprise

    Another Linux 'powerhouse' is born...

    Business 07 21:36