3rd February 2000 Archive

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  • Torvalds hails commercialisation of Linux

    No clash with open source values

    Business 03 07:26

  • China shuts down Internet cafes

    Threat to Communist state secrets

    Business 03 09:00

  • Channel Flannel Extra

    What the channel papers say

    Business 03 09:05

  • More Intel chip, chipset details leak

    Willamette up to 1.4GHz

    Business 03 11:39

  • Online store security holes let hackers buy at cut price

    Shopping cart apps vulnerable to price tampering

    Business 03 11:59

  • Opera debuts latest Linux browser release

    Still in alpha, but progressing quickly

    Business 03 12:21

  • AOL scoffs at class action

    Punters gets their defaults in a twist

    Business 03 12:44

  • Transmeta Crusoe explained

    Any comparison with ARM is simply fruity

    Business 03 13:02

  • Sony to sell online via 9000 in-store terminals

    Order online, by collect and pay for your goods at bricks'n'mortar locations

    Business 03 13:04

  • States MS brief: Bork aims to undermine appeal court ruling

    'No shelter for illegal conduct,' he says

    Business 03 13:19

  • 'Monopoly, predation' – trade body brief foams at MS

    Legally dubious, mayhap, but a rollicking good read...

    Business 03 13:23

  • Supreme Court may have to decide on MS tying, says Lessig

    And on current precedents, Microsoft could yet escape

    Business 03 13:25

  • DoubleClick hit by email privacy war

    Users urged to hit back at plans to compile mega database

    Business 03 13:32

  • Mirror editor in Viglen share-deal row

    Paper's 'exclusive' scooped by The Register months ago

    Business 03 14:32

  • The Internet will give you a lift – official

    Is this the daftest idea so far this year?

    Business 03 14:44

  • Sad geezer auctions himself on eBay

    He's doing it for Valentine's Day - talk about a cupid stunt

    Business 03 15:54

  • Oi, don't get Fresh with us

    New meeja — same old problems

    Business 03 15:54

  • AMD spells out mobile plans for 2000

    Mobile K6-III plus and K6-2+ real soon now™

    Business 03 16:01

  • Transmeta IPO: maybe this year, maybe not, says CEO

    Dave 'Definitely, Maybe' Ditzel srikes again

    Business 03 16:08

  • Samsung at work on $200 ‘disposable’ PC

    Era of ten-PC households fast approaching

    Business 03 16:48

  • IBM releases Journaled File System to open source

    From Wide Open News

    Business 03 16:55

  • Intel plays five per cent rule six times in three days

    Quokka Sports? What that?

    Business 03 17:00

  • UK gov to shake up telco regs

    Britain to maintain leading position in digital age

    Business 03 17:13

  • VA Linux buys Slashdot.org

    Along with the rest of Andover.net

    Business 03 17:57

  • Linus praises ‘good fragmentation’

    No Unix Disease here

    Business 03 20:54

  • IBM dubs Linux as realistic champion against NT

    It's not your father's OS2

    Business 03 21:12

  • Black Douglas slaughters other Scot, native New Yorker

    Not much change there, then...

    Business 03 22:03

  • Psion wins huge UK gov contract

    Deloitte Touche brokers it

    Business 03 23:01