2nd February 2000 Archive

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  • Friends of MS flounder in court brief

    Confused filing keeps missing the point

    Business 02 08:39

  • MS fights back: DoJ ‘rewriting law to protect competitors’

    Desperate, audacious stuff...

    Business 02 08:44

  • Dell finally shipping notebooks with Red Hat Linux

    Which must make it time for IBM to wake up, right?

    Business 02 09:21

  • Jobs dropped at BT as profits fall

    Still raking in plenty big moolah, though

    Business 02 11:34

  • Intel PIII shortages hit Taiwan's board makers

    Company denies packaging problems, blames 'forecasting errors'

    Business 02 11:36

  • Compaq's Capellas thinks W2k key to future growth

    Alpha barely mentioned in his keynote

    Business 02 12:09

  • Motorola's 500MHz G4 yields very low indeed claim sources

    Surprise, surprise

    Business 02 12:10

  • Intel execs to sell $80m shares

    That's a lot of greenbacks

    Business 02 12:12

  • 2m PlayStation 2s to ship in first 2 days – Sony exec

    Company ups sales predictions -- and then some

    Business 02 12:36

  • Linuxcare opens support services for customer rebranding

    Move should dissuade Linuxcares customers from competing with it

    Business 02 12:58

  • E by gum e-Envoy

    Blair Net project visits the North - of England, that is

    Business 02 13:00

  • Tories pull plugs on ill-fated ISP

    Sleaze, Cash for Questions and even an Al Fayed parody all prove too much

    Business 02 13:05

  • Leaked MS email reveals deal plans with BT, AT&T, Airtouch

    Who needs subpoenas when the execs have finger trouble?

    Business 02 13:06

  • Sun gives NFS component to open source world – sort of

    The cunning Solenoids have devised yet another licence, and it's not open source either

    Business 02 14:41

  • MS aims to straddle WAP, HTML with Mobile Explorer

    While the folks back home leak like sieves, Mobile Explorer struts its stuff on the Riviera

    Business 02 14:54

  • How did Intel get it so wrong?

    Alarums ringing in Santa Clara

    Business 02 14:55

  • Red Hat founds ‘Xerox PARC for Linux clustering’

    Project backed by Alpha Processor, so focus on Alpha CPU

    Business 02 15:10

  • Compaq's Pesatori outlines future network strategy

    Ex-DEC guy claims the Big Q has the edge

    Business 02 15:20

  • No repeat of Inacom deal in Europe, says Compaq

    Promises, promises litter presentations

    Business 02 15:35

  • Intel buys in fab capacity to help tightness

    Wafers, sand, shifts, crusoe, cannibals

    Business 02 17:12

  • DVD industry is “screwing customers” – Torvalds

    Linux guru lashes out at the entertainment establishment....gently, of course

    Business 02 18:55

  • SCO unleashes Tarantella for Linux

    Caldera boss tries to install Linux on his grandmother, apparently...

    Business 02 19:57

  • Trillian team releases IA-64 Linux to open source community

    What happens when commercial development intersects with Open Source? We're about to find out.

    Business 02 20:00