1st February 2000 Archive

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  • Trucker wins Intel's golden Bunny Suit

    Runners and riders in

    Business 01 09:47

  • LineOne users to get free phone calls

    Deal with Quip offers 16 hours per month free call time

    Business 01 10:36

  • Channel Flannel

    Our new channel news round-up

    Business 01 10:40

  • Intel price drops no trickle treat

    Prices even rising because of shortages

    Business 01 11:21

  • $3m price tag for loans domain

    How much for www.payuporelse.com?

    Business 01 12:01

  • Industry's biggest trade body lines up against MS

    There goes the rent cheque from Redmond...

    Business 01 12:20

  • Novell boss aims high for NDS, downplays Active Directory

    A mere tactic, he sniffs, and salivates over telecoms revenues

    Business 01 12:24

  • France Telecom to deploy Palm-based wireless services

    Three-cornered deal puts IBM in with servers and infrastructure

    Business 01 12:27

  • Online Tory sleaze makes way for cash-for-questions

    Mighty political force falls through holes in the Net

    Business 01 13:20

  • Willamette coming real soon now

    Look, just trust us on this, will ya?

    Business 01 13:34

  • Intel confirms huge Pentium III chip shortage

    What Intel is telling the channel - official

    Business 01 14:20

  • Intel 933MHz Pentium III slated for May

    Not quite a gig but pretty close

    Business 01 15:03

  • Sony goes direct in Japan with online Vaio store

    Brings CE giant one step closer to 'online department store' goal

    Business 01 15:11

  • Vodafone and Casio promise colour, video-enabled mobile PDA

    Deeply happening wireless behemoth scales new hypes

    Business 01 15:13

  • UK's worst serial killer was ‘computer bore’

    Dr Harold Shipman's geekish devotion to technology was his downfall

    Business 01 15:13

  • Memory makers start to suffer from Intel chip drought

    February will be flat as a pancake

    Business 01 16:58

  • Unsealed Caldera files detail MS evidence shredding claims

    It's all over, but here comes the fallout

    Business 01 17:07

  • UK retailer threatens music biz with payment freeze

    Our Price demands online stores shouldn't get best deals -- they're not, says music industry

    Business 01 17:13

  • Microsoft plans to Windows You in Y2K

    Barking-mad marketing plan suggests no further Windows revs until 3000 AD

    Business 01 20:18