31st January 2000 Archive

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  • Kinder, gentler NSA admits human frailties

    Yuckk....we much preferred the hard-ass routine

    Business 31 07:57

  • System builders take brunt of Intel PIII shortages

    Shortage, what shortage?

    Business 31 09:16

  • Bill Gates shot my Shark, says Ellison (again)

    Beast of Redmond totally responsible for NC flop, not Oracle's fault at all, honest...

    Business 31 09:36

  • Psion, Motorola to co-develop Symbian Internet devices

    One day, the Symbian boys will stop agreeing for long enough to actually build something...

    Business 31 09:39

  • Camino chipset poses new lamps for old question

    Where does the new i820 leave Solano II

    Business 31 11:54

  • Full CTS 2000 coverage


    Business 31 12:05

  • CTS 2001 already 50% booked

    Round-up of the highlights of last week's show

    Business 31 12:33

  • Sega plans high-speed cable TV Dreamcast Net access

    Desperate attempt to compete with Sony's PlayStation 2?

    Business 31 12:53

  • IT exec left brain dead in bar attack

    Visit to Beijing show ends in tragedy

    Business 31 13:14

  • Palm sets sights on $368 million (minimum) IPO

    Projected $16 share price will value company at $9.1 billion

    Business 31 13:27

  • How Rambus lost the PC memory war

    Memory manufacturers would not be bumped

    Business 31 13:34

  • MS enforces Win2k TS licensing via Web ‘Clearinghouse’

    Makes sure Terminal Services users have all paid the licence fee

    Business 31 13:49

  • Gates rules out outright MS purchase of content companies

    Co-op deals possible, and minority stakes still seem likely

    Business 31 13:57

  • Compaq eyes 50% Net sales

    Slashes prices on Deskpro range

    Business 31 16:19

  • Intel to go for McKinley before Itanium-Merced

    Clock speeds on Itanium don't match chip needs

    Business 31 16:26

  • MS-backed trade group backs MS with trial brief

    All getting a little circular, we reckon...

    Business 31 16:34

  • Merry Quip cocks snook at telco cowboys

    Yee-hah! BT's cut-price outfit goes gunning for competition

    Business 31 16:51

  • MS sells stake in SCO, and a chapter closes

    A long time ago, Bill Gates said 'Dos 2.0 is the bridge to Xenix.' Not a lot of people know that...

    Business 31 19:43