28th January 2000 Archive

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  • Music.com endorses Windows Media, disses MP3

    It's all about sound quality, they say

    Business 28 05:44

  • Transmeta Crusoe boards show up at show

    Quanta demo shows footsteps in the sand

    Business 28 06:51

  • Dell share price falls on bad Intel news

    But this domino likely to stay erect

    Business 28 07:10

  • AMD will attempt to block Intel anti-Via moves

    Future AMD technology depends on Via, others

    Business 28 07:35

  • Avnet plans European invasion

    More deals on the cards from US giant

    Business 28 12:07

  • Disney forced to remove Go Network logo

    GoTo.com wins appeal against Disney/Infoseek

    Business 28 12:09

  • When Crusoe met Speedstep

    Transmeta 'the new Betamax'?

    Business 28 12:14

  • Fresh Intel i820 chipset close to completion

    Caminogate: DIMMs and SIMMs together at last

    Business 28 12:19

  • Seagate hands over $45m for FDD patent

    Rodime can finally scratch its seven year hitch

    Business 28 12:29

  • AOL 6.0 details leaked on Web

    Teenager under fire after top secret stuff crops up unexpectedly

    Business 28 12:35

  • NTT DoCoMo to offer digital music via cellphone

    Joint venture with Matsushita to launch next autumn

    Business 28 12:38

  • Doubleclick sued over alleged cookie abuse

    Californian woman seeks prior consent ruling after personal data collected

    Business 28 13:41

  • Register stars in The Matrix II

    Watch out, Keanu, we're coming to getcha

    Business 28 14:07

  • Semico sees little future for Rambus memory

    Hyundai sees DDR as the growing platform this year

    Business 28 14:54

  • Yahoo! and Man Utd linked in £40m deal

    Updated: Will the Reds sell their kit online?

    Business 28 15:45

  • Ex-USR Hudson back to modem roots

    Dacom lures UK's Mr Modem to Milton Keynes

    Business 28 16:55