27th January 2000 Archive

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  • Boo.com fires 70 staff

    Normal post-Christmas headcount reduction

    Business 27 08:54

  • Judge switches horses but reinstates MS Java ban

    Backs off on copyright, goes for unfair conduct instead

    Business 27 09:51

  • UMC, Siemens and IBM to cooperate on copper chips

    e-DRAM -- you knew it had to come

    Business 27 09:55

  • New hack attack is greater threat than imagined

    And it may be only a warm-up

    Business 27 10:26

  • Intel drops PIII prices twice in a week

    Empty listings tell the story

    Business 27 11:26

  • W3C officially recommends XHTML bridge to XML

    Redefines HTML 4 as XML document type

    Business 27 11:47

  • Mitsubishi settles with Elonex over power patents

    Plucky Londoners win another round in their battle with world+dog over monitors

    Business 27 11:55

  • Right-wing think tank says break MS Windows

    Split OS operations into competing companies

    Business 27 12:04

  • Sleaze unearthed at Tory party ISP

    With only 1,200 users it shouldn't take long to weed out the miscreants

    Business 27 12:05

  • Big White wrong-foots Big Blue

    Supercomputer fails to spot massive snow storm

    Business 27 12:19

  • Toshiba demos MPEG 4 movies over Bluetooth

    Quality's not much to write home about, but it's definitely a step in the right direction

    Business 27 12:21

  • NEC unveils IEEE 1394 ‘Firewireless’ home LAN

    Reaches standard 400Mbps data throughput -- well up on earlier wireless 1394 efforts

    Business 27 12:45

  • Colour Palm IIIc to ship 20 February – Best Buy

    Just in time for the IPO

    Business 27 13:01

  • China orders Web sites to guard against secrecy leaks

    Walls have ears, you know...

    Business 27 13:38

  • Maxdata goes on a VAR hunt

    Pitches its offering at systems builders and resellers in bid to become a player

    Business 27 13:41

  • Intel Pentium II rises from the dead

    The shortage game gets ever more interesting

    Business 27 14:46

  • Intel forced into deal with Reliance

    Or Reliance forced into deal with Intel

    Business 27 15:25

  • MS unveils Win2K anti-piracy tools

    Look out fellas, they've got stickers on 'em

    Business 27 15:35

  • Akamai profits plummet despite 206 per cent revenue rise

    Meanwhile, IBM licenses its Web acceleration technology

    Business 27 15:59

  • Telinco chairman picks up £90m

    Cheesy Cheshire Cat grins all round after World Online deal

    Business 27 16:00

  • E-incubator targets UK students

    Drop out of university, become mega-rich, change your name to Gates

    Business 27 16:36

  • Korean housewives get ecommerce call-up

    Government to offer cut-price classes on using the Net

    Business 27 17:39

  • New crypto technique beats current standard

    The NSA has got to hate this one

    Business 27 17:43

  • Online critics to judge Clinton performance

    Cyber vox pop planned for State of the Union swan song

    Business 27 19:19

  • AMD clarifies overclocking position

    Breaking the casing is a problem

    Business 27 20:49