26th January 2000 Archive

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  • Young DeCSS developer rudely arrested

    MPAA overkill crosses the Atlantic

    Business 26 06:57

  • Charlie can surf

    Day trade while you work

    Business 26 08:41

  • FTSE 100 spurns Net job seekers

    E-potatoes not welcome here

    Business 26 09:01

  • PCs on the way out for information appliances

    Nat Semi advances the old 'NetPC' argument again

    Business 26 10:55

  • Britain unveils Net Time grab

    GeT this...

    Business 26 11:11

  • Inside-IT opens channel portal

    George Evans' new venture

    Business 26 11:14

  • Ad sales drive RealNetworks revenue doubling

    Net media company announces stock split, NetZip acquisition too

    Business 26 11:54

  • AMD appoints Motorola man president

    Ruiz named as Jerry Sanders' replacement, too

    Business 26 12:40

  • Qualcomm sees Q1 profit soar

    But a well stuffed channel could clip its wings

    Business 26 12:57

  • MS: Neptune consumer Win2k not cancelled, just not happening

    Win2k-based consumer OS slides into 'probably not' territory. Or not yet?

    Business 26 12:57

  • Sony profits down but still beat expectations

    Strong yen, ailing PlayStation profits hit hard

    Business 26 13:06

  • £2m Bill Gates domain sale is off

    Online auction house gets all ethical

    Business 26 13:28

  • More MS fudging from Win2k speed trials

    Previous statements regarding superiority of NT4 now inoperative...

    Business 26 13:54

  • Datrontech opens online service

    Computer Trade Show gets first glimpse

    Business 26 15:37

  • DoJ says MS guilty of monopolisation and exclusionary deals

    Reply says MS case avoids the real issues

    Business 26 15:42

  • DVD/CD site knowingly undersold

    Could do better on pricing

    Business 26 15:48

  • UK's bid for Net time standard is delayed

    Bong! Don't you people own a watch…?

    Business 26 16:10

  • IT Network beefs up Where to Buy

    Offers streamlined approach to purchasing

    Business 26 16:32

  • Sun gives free access to Solaris 8 source, strings attached

    But the company is not pretending Solaris is Linux

    Business 26 16:53

  • Western Digital serves up Caviar for Compaq

    HDD with chequered past to be used in PC with chequered past

    Business 26 17:01

  • Rambus yields fall to 10 per cent, disties claim

    Channel says Rambus is dead

    Business 26 17:04

  • Upgraders to Win2k face graphics drivers gotchas

    Switch from Win98 to Win2k and you might get a severe performance hit

    Business 26 17:27

  • Digital music threat forces Virgin to moot store closures

    Just an empty threat from a protectionist

    Business 26 17:29

  • SGI open sources OpenGL Sample Implementation

    Linux gets free access to closest thing to 'official' OpenGL implementation

    Business 26 18:07

  • Intel cancels Pentium III supplies for February

    This is a real problem US and Euro disties say

    Business 26 18:17