25th January 2000 Archive

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  • Wall Street runs hot on interest-rate fears

    Jittery investors trade like there's no tomorrow

    Business 25 Jan 03:45

  • World Online lands on Freeserve's doorstep

    Free CDs on the High Street

    Business 25 Jan 06:09

  • lastminute.com embraces WAP

    Cheap flights on expensive phones

    Business 25 Jan 06:25

  • BT under spotlight to hack standing charges

    An early day motion, eh?

    Business 25 Jan 06:35

  • Fat Lady signs online

    How much bandwidth do you need for that?

    Business 25 Jan 06:38

  • Roller Coaster for sale today

    Net bids expected to reach $50,000

    Business 25 Jan 06:39

  • William Hill sets up overseas gambling joint

    Antigua online

    Business 25 Jan 07:02

  • WStore starts price war with UK channel

    E-tailer pledges to pay double the price difference to punters who find kit cheaper elsewhere

    Business 25 Jan 10:05

  • Transmeta talks to Taiwan

    Slim client suits island down to earth

    Business 25 Jan 10:20

  • Microsoft fudges Win2K speed trials

    Windows 2000 not faster than NT after all...

    Business 25 Jan 11:03

  • Intel's FC-PGA plans far advanced

    Forget Slot 1, look under the surface

    Business 25 Jan 11:15

  • Microsoft bullies IT news site into submission

    Legal beagles pile into Active Windows

    Business 25 Jan 11:19

  • Orange WAP phones in short supply

    And Cellnet is giving them away

    Business 25 Jan 12:17

  • Norwegian coppers nick DeCSS DVD geezers

    Move in on Johansen gaff and feel their collars

    Business 25 Jan 12:27

  • Apple defeats ColorSync patent violation suit

    Imatec doesn't even have ownership of 'infringed' patents, judge rules

    Business 25 Jan 12:35

  • Intel-branded Web PC will run Linux

    FlexATX and that pesky little logo...

    Business 25 Jan 12:58

  • SGI misses break-even by $1 million

    Sales down 5.3 per cent, too, but company optimistic

    Business 25 Jan 13:07

  • Pfeiffer opens online auction for business

    Big Eck boogies on down with dance remix

    Business 25 Jan 13:40

  • Siemens chip business best bit

    Fujitsu Siemens poses other questions

    Business 25 Jan 15:32

  • Buy now, die later with UK's first cyber undertaker

    Goes live today

    Business 25 Jan 15:32

  • Big Blue blocks Sun in Java lather

    Sun has to wake up to little SuSE

    Business 25 Jan 15:37

  • Dell overtakes Compaq (in US)

    World PC sales up 23 per cent in 1999

    Business 25 Jan 15:47

  • Web airing for Nixon Watergate tape

    Happiness is a smoking gun

    Business 25 Jan 16:03

  • Pentium III 800 makes debut in erratumnotbug chart

    First showing of the top of the range chip

    Business 25 Jan 16:26