24th January 2000 Archive

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  • AMD wins further round in fierce Intel desktop price war

    Chips away at prices, still big shortages

    Business 24 07:40

  • Kingston, Gateway to educate us on W2k memory needs

    Listen very carefully, you know it makes sense

    Business 24 09:02

  • Procter & Gamble grabs Net teenagers for life

    Get consumers while they're young

    Business 24 10:15

  • TDL InfoSpace makes news with The Register

    UK technology news service on TDL Infospace network

    Business 24 10:59

  • Novell goes for MS jugular over ‘Win2k FUD’

    But the company has a way to go before it masters attack marketing

    Business 24 11:20

  • Bids roll in for domain hype auctions

    cinema.com, loans.com and taxes.com etc; etc;

    Business 24 11:46

  • Rousou retires from Elcom

    Full-time gardening leave

    Business 24 12:04

  • Liquid Audio to dance to Microsoft's digital music tune

    MS Audio licensing deal marks major shift away from Liquid Audio's own technology

    Business 24 12:13

  • Compaq could be affected by Intel-Via action

    FIC part of Intel ITC tariff attack...oops

    Business 24 12:15

  • December dreary for US PC sales, but 1999 was better

    HP sales up 87 per cent during year, Apple up 55 per cent. industry average 23.7 per cent

    Business 24 12:38

  • AMD gives Athlon Tyrannazilla epithet

    No more Chimpzilla any more

    Business 24 12:48

  • US music industry sues MP3.com over ‘virtual CD player’

    Service lets you play your CDs on any PC -- provided MP3.com has a copy, of course...

    Business 24 12:56

  • Win2K pains Pete Sherriff

    He can't find anything wrong with it

    Business 24 13:08

  • STMicro puts all chips on allocation

    'Explosive demand'

    Business 24 13:34

  • This DVD will self-destruct in three minutes

    Good news for software firms...

    Business 24 13:37

  • Accused pedo Naughton gets a breather

    But an encore in the dock is looming

    Business 24 13:48

  • Out come the gadget freaks for Cellnet WAP service

    Not for the price-conscious

    Business 24 13:50

  • AMD takes legal action against Athlon overclockers

    First reports appear on Web

    Business 24 13:53

  • 60,000 Virgin.net ‘users’ fail to change passwords

    National Apathy League out in force

    Business 24 14:13

  • FBI phone-snoop regs challenged by Net privacy groups

    FCC dictates technical specs at DoJ's bidding, critics charge

    Business 24 14:31

  • ISP denies security flaw in publishing user names

    ...but removes file, anyway

    Business 24 15:48

  • MS cancels Neptune, consumer version of Win2k

    Incredible rotating roadmap merges twin-track Win2k development back into one

    Business 24 16:34

  • DeCSS temporarily banned from the Net

    But 'reverse engineering' angle may keep the jury out for a while

    Business 24 17:41