23rd January 2000 Archive

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  • Freed hacker Mitnick excoriates NY Times journo

    Claims reporter Markoff inflamed the feds with sensationalist coverage

    Business 23 05:27

  • Intel under fire for green belt development

    Wilma, there's a problem in Bed Rock

    Business 23 10:38

  • AMD, Via invited to join Intel's Six Dramurai gig

    Rambus Ink a blushing wallflower as mempolitik kicks in

    Business 23 11:20

  • HP to buy Compaq, Via to buy S3 outright?

    Buyout rumours do Web rounds

    Business 23 11:48

  • Smart card crypto genius sent to trial

    Claims he was duped by French banks

    Business 23 13:25

  • Inland Revenue screws up on Y2K, taxpayers hurt

    One week to go but quill pens still in use

    Business 23 16:51