21st January 2000 Archive

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  • Roy Taylor sort of abandons 3DSL ship, joins Nvidia

    The letter says it all

    Business 21 09:08

  • Geoworks patent claim lobs grenade into WAP Forum

    Looks like the Forum may have messed up big time...

    Business 21 10:08

  • A Linux, Transmeta Web-enabled Diamond Rio for CeBIT?

    Beyond saying it's doing a Transmeta appliance, S3 is being pretty coy

    Business 21 10:57

  • Fujitsu Siemens PC sales don't shine

    Major roll-outs frozen, company says

    Business 21 11:22

  • WD junks SCSI as HDD wars take toll

    3400 layoffs at Seagate and WD

    Business 21 12:06

  • Y2K spending freeze fails to chill Sun

    Profits, revenue sees double-digit growth

    Business 21 12:12

  • Lucent posts 23 per cent profit plunge

    Couldn't ship enough fibre-optic kit

    Business 21 12:14

  • ALi bridges S370, Slot One gap

    Acer Chipset is your flexible Intel friend

    Business 21 12:21

  • Motorola claims alcoholic PC breakthrough

    Battery needs a pint after a hard day's night

    Business 21 12:32

  • Big Blue ships extra ThinkPads

    Still pricey little numbers though

    Business 21 12:36

  • Sony to launch e-commerce biz to serve PlayStation 2 users

    PlayStation.com to form basis of next year's full digital media delivery service

    Business 21 12:49

  • Gateway profit falls – don't have a cow, man

    Promise of jam tomorrow once AOL deal beds down

    Business 21 13:00

  • InterX share price goes through roof

    From £2.50 in November to £13 today, blimey

    Business 21 13:39

  • Excite@Home escapes Usenet Death Penalty

    And they all lived happily ever after

    Business 21 13:42

  • E-envoy can't surf

    It's into the drink for UK gov's Mr Internet...

    Business 21 13:48

  • £40m fibre optic network to link London & Liverpool

    Telewest splashes out big time

    Business 21 14:26

  • Free Net calls trial extended at X-Stream

    Problems still dog service, but you were warned

    Business 21 15:27

  • Gates discloses 5 per cent stake in Avista, stock rockets

    To him that hath...

    Business 21 15:28

  • Spice Girls cash in on Web – big time

    Tell us how much you want, you really, really want

    Business 21 15:40

  • Journalists to meet in pub shocker

    Free drinks from Computer Weakly hacks

    Business 21 15:53

  • What, no MSOffice? US DoJ re-equips with WordPerfect

    Is Corel picking up on the soft targets or what?

    Business 21 16:15

  • High bandwidth with old technology

    A rolling stone gathers no CMOS

    Business 21 16:39

  • AMD to massacre Intel on St Valentine's Day

    850MHz part timed to spoil Intel's party

    Business 21 16:50

  • Windows 2000 OEM prices leaked

    Jan 24 trade launch revealed in CRN scoop

    Business 21 16:56

  • Crusoe robs ARM of chip wunderkid status

    Classic momentum stock out-momentumed

    Business 21 17:00

  • AMD K6-III mobile may trash Transmeta on thermals

    No wonder it's transmuting, this computing...

    Business 21 17:16

  • Russian wannabe Merced-killer claims Transmeta credit

    Saddened by lack of name-check at launch - sabres at dawn impending?

    Business 21 17:17