20th January 2000 Archive

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  • AMD upbeat on Q4 sales record

    Looks like it's stopped digging that financial hole

    Business 20 00:15

  • Transmeta could face Intel legal challenge

    Clean room technology won't stop pleaders

    Business 20 09:25

  • Transmeta Linux flavour smoked out

    Which flavour of Linux is in Mobile Linux?

    Business 20 09:27

  • No home for Rambus at Transmeta

    Now, not soon, probably not ever

    Business 20 09:30

  • Transmeta's real mystery: its OS tweaking auction

    Who's the fairest of them all? Windows! Er, we mean no one…

    Business 20 09:39

  • Intel extends Via legal action

    Paranoid about chipsets? Chipzilla it say yes

    Business 20 10:52

  • Couple abducted in chip robbery

    Driven home after raid

    Business 20 11:06

  • Corel – the serial Linux deal-maker

    Is the Corel alliance programme smart, or just plain confused?

    Business 20 11:17

  • Intel obliterates refs to unannounced chipsets

    We took extensive notes. Solano, Greendale well advanced

    Business 20 11:48

  • Apple achieves anticipated double-digit growth

    Units, profits, revenues -- all up in Q1 2000

    Business 20 11:51

  • Apple ‘compensates’ Jobs with $40m aircraft, 10m shares

    The secrets of Jobs' $1 salary revealed

    Business 20 12:19

  • You'll have to wait a tad for Intel SpeedStep II

    Maybe three months or so before the Next Step

    Business 20 12:47

  • Intel gets down on the farm

    The £90m server farm, that is

    Business 20 12:49

  • Movie studios sue four over DeCSS distribution

    Defendants alleged to have promoted piracy

    Business 20 12:49

  • IT failures not all our fault, says Blair govt

    The bucks stops somewhere else

    Business 20 13:13

  • RealNetworks wins ban on ‘streaming VCR’

    Streambox unable to sell software until trial concluded

    Business 20 13:33

  • Linuxcare files for $92m IPO

    Company's business, finances precarious, though

    Business 20 14:53

  • AOL profits triple but traders are worried

    Time Warner deal should take of that

    Business 20 15:11

  • Gerstner: IBM has six months to prove itself again

    What turns around goes around, as the Great Magician might have said...

    Business 20 15:25

  • AMD share price soars

    Desktop market share close to 20 per cent

    Business 20 15:32