19th January 2000 Archive

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  • Dell fires AMD Zone editor – Register blamed

    Thought Police searched for Coppermine bug leaker

    Business 19 01:58

  • Lotus goes mobile, integrates Outlook

    Company still leads in messaging

    Business 19 08:53

  • MS Windows and OEM sales slow in $6bn Q2

    Microsoft still makes buckets, but the slope seems to be getting shallower

    Business 19 08:56

  • Lotus lashes out over MS Exchange v Domino test

    Now, where have we heard this one before?

    Business 19 08:59

  • MS cites Python to support sweeping copyright claims

    Despite exec departures, MS can still spare the odd snake...

    Business 19 12:02

  • Linux guru set to topple Intel

    Watch out Chipzilla, Torvalds is after you

    Business 19 12:24

  • SGI, Nvidia, VA to port OpenGL 1.2 to Linux

    Open source OS finally gets 100 per cent official OpenGL implementation

    Business 19 12:24

  • SGI ‘just short’ of breaking even

    Might even start making money soon

    Business 19 12:52

  • MOD blows £30m on junk projects

    Can't work, won't work

    Business 19 12:58

  • Dando stalker tracked down address on the Net

    Was it the killer?

    Business 19 13:11

  • 94 per cent of drivers want wireless Web – oh, really?

    But actually it seems they only want driving data, and couldn't care less about email...

    Business 19 13:17

  • Palm loses ground to WinCE over Xmas

    But it's still way out in the lead

    Business 19 14:12

  • Rambus sues Hitachi over SDRAM patent violation

    Rambus talking to other memory, CPU companies re. use of its IP

    Business 19 15:33

  • HP mopes about the channel

    Open distribution

    Business 19 16:49

  • Klein jumps as Gass escapes

    C2000 replacement

    Business 19 17:32

  • Net credit card fraud pushes up crime figures

    From scare story to reality

    Business 19 17:49

  • T-Rex for sale online

    More expensive than Barney

    Business 19 17:55

  • Morgan promoted to Datrontech MD

    Two share sales post

    Business 19 18:08

  • Transmeta chips to run Linux, Windows, attack Intel x86

    Ditzel blabs immediately pre-launch, reckons Intel chips 'rudimentary'

    Business 19 19:19