18th January 2000 Archive

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  • Gates lacks golden touch with $5bn investment portfolio

    He's been losing money on many of his private investments

    Business 18 09:51

  • HP a go-go on AMD Athlon

    Stealth approach resembles Gateway's route to market

    Business 18 11:24

  • Mobile phone sales triple Motorola Q4 profit

    Iridium still dragging it down, though

    Business 18 12:32

  • John McCain weighs in on AOL--Time Warner deal

    Presidential hopeful flexes Senatorial muscle

    Business 18 12:33

  • Fujitsu and Siemens split down Intel-AMD seams

    Which is the better box? Is it Bill or is it Ben?

    Business 18 13:43

  • Calluna suspends shares

    End game approaches for disk drive maker

    Business 18 13:43

  • Furniture website slammed for cheap prices

    Supplier takes umbrage at competitive edge technology

    Business 18 13:46

  • Nokia drops monitors

    Offloads display business to focus on Net

    Business 18 13:48

  • Viglen unveils e-biz division

    Looking for a whizz kid to lead new acquisition unit

    Business 18 13:56

  • Why MS needs to break itself up in order to survive – IDC

    An IDC customer bulletin suggests radical breakup would be good for customers and MS. You might not like that...

    Business 18 13:58

  • Nude Overclockers takes Web by storm

    Whatever next?

    Business 18 14:13

  • Be to offer BeOS 5.0 for free

    Well, sort of...

    Business 18 15:03

  • Unannounced chipsets get Intel airing – again

    It's a wonderful thing, the Web

    Business 18 15:35

  • MS and friends plan London City of Future on Dome site

    Consortium plans to take punters for biggest ride in Europe

    Business 18 15:46

  • Hate site man charged by US authorities

    Site pulled as first federal case of its kind begins

    Business 18 16:49

  • Ingram wins GE Cap supply contract

    Buys ITS division as part of the deal

    Business 18 16:49

  • Computer system tells cops to arrest innocent people

    Rhode Island police forced to ask suspects if they're really guilty

    Business 18 17:35

  • Athlon 500MHz to get chop RSN

    550MHz part price cut as it takes over as entry-level

    Business 18 18:01