17th January 2000 Archive

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  • Intel kicks out Rambus from Seven Dramurai™

    The future will be Six Dramurai™

    Business 17 08:42

  • Intel takes axe to mobile PIII prices – 50% off

    SpeedStep (Geyserville) announced tomorrow

    Business 17 09:44

  • Intel Geyserville due Tuesday

    One small SpeedStep for Intel, one giant cheque if you want to buy

    Business 17 10:05

  • TurboLinux completes $57m funding round

    20 companies jostle to invest

    Business 17 10:57

  • Intel criticised over Q4 results

    Analysts claim results affected by discretionary factors

    Business 17 12:06

  • Buy.com prepares assault on UK

    The man from KFC takes the helm…

    Business 17 12:13

  • Cyber police force comes to Britain

    Operation Trawler spreads its Net

    Business 17 12:38

  • Coup de grace for lawnmower Web site

    Any old Net nonsense is getting written about by serious journalists…

    Business 17 13:19

  • Hacker gang suspected over Virgin bust, others

    Scotland Yard links 12 incidents, one man questioned

    Business 17 13:36

  • Eccentricity meets electricity on the Net

    One of England's finest trumps train spotters with odd ball site

    Business 17 13:42

  • One in four tax bills will be wrong

    Online tax advisory warns of impending cock-up by Inland Revenue

    Business 17 14:10

  • PC prices creep up in US

    Will this trend cross the Atlantic?

    Business 17 15:41

  • One hundred year old babies found in UK

    And you thought Y2k bug stories were a thing of the past…

    Business 17 16:00

  • Recruitment firm woos contractors with share offer

    Find work, get paid, buy cheap shares, kerrching…

    Business 17 16:33

  • Ads watchdog snarls at HP, cocks leg at Dixons

    More unacceptable adverts and unsustainable complaints

    Business 17 16:46