14th January 2000 Archive

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  • Totalise doles out free PCs to schools

    ...in return for 100 connections

    Business 14 08:58

  • Power-saving modes in Pentium IIIs go awol

    Copperwhines continue to put Katmai amongst pigeons

    Business 14 09:12

  • Gates steps down as MS CEO – DoJ deal pending?

    Moving the boss and his tantrums aside is a positive sign, surely

    Business 14 09:25

  • Intel erratum-not-bug policy not-good-enough

    Yet more Copperwhines about shifting sand

    Business 14 09:38

  • Athlon outclasses Intel's Pentium III ‘in almost every respect’

    Superior design, IT Network proclaims

    Business 14 09:43

  • Chipzilla beats chest as its Q4 beats Wall Street

    The Intel miracle continues...

    Business 14 10:21

  • Slots the problem with Intel Xeons

    The secret of a Xeon is in the VRM, folks

    Business 14 10:43

  • Drug abuse is ‘the curse of the computer age’

    This could give sensationalism a bad name

    Business 14 10:51

  • UK at risk from pump & dump

    Market needs to wake up to dangers before it's too late

    Business 14 11:26

  • Warner Music partners with MTV-alternative Launch

    Video content deal prepares ground for major label's own move on streaming market

    Business 14 11:45

  • Kingston debuts 2GB HP memory upgrade

    Doubles server bandwidth

    Business 14 11:47

  • Bill's big adventure: Windows as universal Web platform

    NGWS some stuff cooked up to keep him busy in retirement? Not exactly...

    Business 14 12:00

  • Windows skin site re-posts MacOS X desktop theme

    Modified WinAqua back after Apple legal threat

    Business 14 12:34

  • Win2k virus beats Win2k to release

    The first of many spotted

    Business 14 12:40

  • UK spies recruited online

    James Bond eat your heart out, we want crossword gurus

    Business 14 12:54

  • AMD market share bites Intel's ankles

    Ouch! Hey Chimpzilla, that hurts!

    Business 14 13:02

  • Bull's hit by PB-NEC charge – big loss for 99

    Wildly underforming on the CAC front too. That's enough toilet jokes - Ed

    Business 14 13:02

  • Govt. minister ‘employed’ by telco consultancy

    There's an IR35 angle here, too

    Business 14 13:58

  • Nomad tracks Creative music storage

    Put 150 albums on a single device

    Business 14 16:23

  • Y2k bug ate our spy satellites

    Weather blamed for Y2K spy-satellite problems

    Business 14 16:27

  • US releases 64-bit crypto products for export

    Obviously because the NSA can crack it in real time now…

    Business 14 16:43

  • Christmas was a turkey for Electronics Boutique

    Cut-throat competition blamed for stuffed figures

    Business 14 16:50

  • Japan's Sotec caves in to Apple over iMac-alike PC

    Agrees out of court to pay damages, cease selling offending eOne 433

    Business 14 16:55