13th January 2000 Archive

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  • New Intel 800MHz Xeon has no mobo support

    This Copperwhopper's got Slot Zero, so far...

    Business 13 09:09

  • UK's premier tech street goes to seed

    Tottenham Court Rd a shadow of former self

    Business 13 10:28

  • DoJ to propose MS breakup next week

    Yesterday's denial spawns widespread disbelief

    Business 13 10:36

  • The wearable mobile phone is with us

    But where do you stick the battery recharger...?

    Business 13 11:08

  • Blair gov offers half-price PCs to teachers

    No copying the school's software now

    Business 13 11:08

  • AOL snaps up URLs ahead of Time Warner deal

    Must be feeling pretty confident of SEC approval

    Business 13 11:22

  • Wall St chumps lose out to chimp

    Brokers go ape-shit bananas over monkey business

    Business 13 11:22

  • Red Hat Linux gets foot in door at us.gov

    Major supplier GTSI to offer software to NASA

    Business 13 11:26

  • Intel, AMD, Rambus all gain

    Chip tech stocks go bonkers on Wall Street

    Business 13 11:46

  • Daily Net Finance News: Dec 1-31, 1999


    Business 13 12:18

  • C2000 suffers Gass leak

    Deputy MD exits stage left

    Business 13 12:45

  • C&W coughs up to buy Euro ISPs

    Look what you can pick up in the January sales

    Business 13 12:48

  • Geekcast.com takes the floor at LinuxWorld Expo

    CNN for geeks

    Business 13 12:59

  • Net blamed for new Columbine High School threats

    Does this sound like a feeble excuse to anybody?

    Business 13 13:00

  • Red Hat founder quits management role

    Marc Ewing passes on CTO baton to Cygnus' Michael Tiemann

    Business 13 13:00

  • Taiwan semi firms left with no easy options

    And SiS says merger with UMC impossible

    Business 13 13:21

  • Vietnam ISP targets US

    Wants 14 offices worldwide in five years

    Business 13 14:16

  • Viglen checks out Sainsbury's schools deal

    Sees off RM to win sole supply contract

    Business 13 14:49

  • Microsoft Mac man exposes Apple iTools security hole

    Core browser plug-in sends passwords as plain text. Oh dear...

    Business 13 16:51

  • Analysts warn of DRAM drought

    It's gonna get choppy in the chip channel

    Business 13 17:14

  • Third-party ad servers can undermine Web-site security

    And sell stuff you paid for, too

    Business 13 17:59

  • ATI Q1 2000 profits, revenues up on rising Rage sales

    DRAM price raises hit costs, though

    Business 13 17:59

  • Gates foresees ‘new pricing models’ for software sales

    It's code for rental. From him.

    Business 13 18:34

  • Corel takes strategic stake in Linux connectivity startup

    We knew Cowpland would eventually get all the way to Omega...

    Business 13 20:15

  • Intel performs well in Q4, ramps up .18 micron

    And predicts 50 per cent growth in networks this year

    Business 13 22:25

  • Gates steps down as Microsoft CEO

    Steve Ballmer steps up

    Business 13 23:08