12th January 2000 Archive

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  • BT bids $2.46bn for Esat

    Board recommends acceptance

    Business 12 09:01

  • IBM rolls out unified Linux strategy

    Turns multiple initiatives into company-wide embrace

    Business 12 09:03

  • Novell buys ASP to bolster Web directory efforts

    There really is a consumer strategy forming here, friends...

    Business 12 11:57

  • MS Mac chief moves to head up mobile device development

    Ten year trusty given Pocket PCs, Handhelds and mobile phones to play with

    Business 12 12:02

  • TFT shortages to end this year

    Good news on prices as production lines ramp up

    Business 12 13:04

  • Red Hat powers new Millennium school

    No software piracy, here

    Business 12 13:18

  • Big Blue shows off skinny server

    Less than two inches thick

    Business 12 13:51

  • Apple Palm-based PDA to be closely tied to MacOS X

    Transfer data, files between Mac and Palm by drag and drop

    Business 12 14:04

  • AOL, Time Warner shares down on merger pessimism

    Wall Street 'wisdom' seems penny wise and pound foolish

    Business 12 14:37

  • Profit jumps at Dixons

    High street giant fends off pressure from falling margins, Yahoo does well too

    Business 12 15:25

  • Seagate sees $35m loss

    But let's face it, it could have been much worse

    Business 12 15:54

  • Caldera IPO filing reveals plans and shareholders

    And Noorda's sitting on a tidy slice...

    Business 12 16:11

  • Evesham bundles free Net access with PCs

    No subs, no call charges offer in conjunction with CallNet

    Business 12 17:17

  • Janet Reno proposes online police squad

    FIDNET by another name, we reckon

    Business 12 17:39

  • Xerox patent action over Palm Pilot casts cloud on IPO

    Patent Office interlude now over, apparently

    Business 12 18:28

  • DoJ will demand breakup of Microsoft – report

    But maybe Microsoft will agree...

    Business 12 18:55