11th January 2000 Archive

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  • Taiwan rubs hands in PC glee for 2000

    But LCDs likely the island's Achilles heel

    Business 11 08:15

  • No WD involvement in Presario freeze-ups

    But system resources a catch-all term

    Business 11 08:48

  • Sun, SCO, Novell, Citrix put bucks into Caldera

    Suddenly we're everybody's friend...

    Business 11 09:15

  • Fresh from triumph over MS, Caldera files for IPO

    The timing can only be a happy coincidence, however

    Business 11 09:18

  • MS pays up to settle on eve of Caldera antitrust trial

    But it'll take a while to figure out how much, and what the terms are

    Business 11 09:20

  • AMD workstation push will bug Intel

    Commercial market an endgame for Athlon

    Business 11 09:20

  • NT for Alpha still a goer…

    It's a portability exercise, insiders claim

    Business 11 10:55

  • Taiwan aims 1000 viruses at China

    Ready to repel an IT attack from the mainland

    Business 11 11:29

  • The Net is a deadly poison say rabbis

    Ultra-orthodox council wants the Web thrown out of Jewish homes

    Business 11 12:06

  • 3Com hit by Mickey Mouse lawsuit

    Row breaks out over video kit bundling

    Business 11 12:56

  • Credit card Y2K bug could hit UK

    Check your Visa, Mastercard bills very carefully

    Business 11 13:02

  • UMC rumoured to take over little SiS

    But little SiS does not want big brother

    Business 11 13:18

  • EC busts five states over data protection

    Ignore Euro directives at your peril

    Business 11 14:04

  • Vodafone recruits IBM, Sun, Psion for mobile Internet

    UK wireless giant finally wakes up to Web, apparently...

    Business 11 14:08

  • Half of UK schools are software pirates

    What, you mean you can't just copy it as often as you like...?

    Business 11 16:08

  • UK chip designer seals financial mega-deal

    Went to USA for the dosh

    Business 11 16:08

  • Work hard for your spam bust

    Consumers do all the donkey work in opt-out offer

    Business 11 22:02