10th January 2000 Archive

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  • Intel cuts Celeron prices to prepare Coppermine way

    Same old song but with a different beat

    Business 10 Jan 08:02

  • Alpha NT could rise from the dead

    Resurrection for MS Neptune to Cutler's taste

    Business 10 Jan 09:02

  • Transmeta, AMD to talk 64-bit turkey at chipfest

    Do you know the way to San Jose?

    Business 10 Jan 10:27

  • Intel comes clean on PC COM direct site

    But Chipzilla won't proliferate model worldwide

    Business 10 Jan 10:38

  • Palm dismisses WAP out of hand

    Better suited to mobile phone use

    Business 10 Jan 11:03

  • Teen mag porn squat row blows up

    Lawsuit rebuffed after skin site sold

    Business 10 Jan 11:32

  • Taiwan chip foundries merge

    TSMC to buy WSMC in share swap, other deals to follow

    Business 10 Jan 11:36

  • Belgian buy boosts Azlan training arm

    Has eyes on lion's share of the Euro training market

    Business 10 Jan 11:49

  • Web site offers students careers advice

    ITM get exclusive access to student market

    Business 10 Jan 11:54

  • UK journo follows DotComGuy's example

    But only for a week - let's not get carried away

    Business 10 Jan 12:06

  • AOL to merge with Time Warner

    Mega-deal to create media monster

    Business 10 Jan 12:16

  • Popular online billing software hacked

    Credit details exposed by the millions, perp claims

    Business 10 Jan 12:43

  • Compel snaps up Web design company

    £2.5m now and a promise of more to come

    Business 10 Jan 13:22

  • Kids taught to use mobile phones

    The emphasis here is on safety, of course

    Business 10 Jan 13:23

  • Register Carrion stickers on sale now at Copyleft

    We have a bone to pick with you

    Business 10 Jan 14:17

  • Copyleft puts the open source into geek chic

    The company we keep

    Business 10 Jan 15:07

  • Hacker penetrates Virgin

    Service put on hold after back door breached

    Business 10 Jan 15:08

  • Unlawful 0800 use case goes before jury

    Northants man out on bail pending trial

    Business 10 Jan 15:13

  • Queen invests in Web firm

    Gawd bless you, Ma'am

    Business 10 Jan 15:22

  • TDK denies it will exit modem PC Card market

    But the cards are slipping into desuetude

    Business 10 Jan 16:41

  • Via claims to ship AMD Athlon chipset in volume

    But PC manufacturers say no samples for six weeks

    Business 10 Jan 17:05

  • Micro$oft loses second appeal of class-action suit

    Temps deserve nice perks too, the Supreme Court believes

    Business 10 Jan 17:53

  • Win a genuine full-size Intel™® Gold Bunny Suit!

    Impress all your friends, totally...

    Business 10 Jan 18:13