7th January 2000 Archive

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  • Day by day: Intel shares drop $5, AMD gains $2

    Rambus gains $9 -- Seesaw Marjorie Daw

    Business 07 07:53

  • Y2K bug lurking in Microsoft VB, Access

    Woodwork, worms? But fix is at hand

    Business 07 08:43

  • Papows resigns – Lotus drops the ‘pilot’

    And now he's on the lookout for a new line...

    Business 07 11:16

  • TurboLinux outselling Windows in China

    Have we got a trend developing here?

    Business 07 11:20

  • Corel to add remote Windows app support to Linux

    GraphOn Bridges software to be bundled

    Business 07 12:14

  • PC safe from digital TV onslaught

    Couch potatoes in one room, surfers in another

    Business 07 12:19

  • Jolly Roger sails away from Landis

    Former UK MD plans to leave IT all behind

    Business 07 12:42

  • Intel-AMD speed war megahurts too much

    Battle of chip shark and chip barracuda begs questions for consumers

    Business 07 13:10

  • Domain names get with .it

    Italian suffix open to rest of Europe

    Business 07 13:27

  • Baker's dozen of chip makers hit by lawsuit

    New York inventor goes for it, big time

    Business 07 13:28

  • MS stops giving Californians $400 each for computers

    Small minority of thousands queues for hours as the stable door closes

    Business 07 14:05

  • China not dumping Win2k for Linux after all, says official

    Have you noticed MS stories are starting to come in mirror image pairs, like bookends?

    Business 07 14:40

  • Threat of jaill not enough to deter piracy

    Survey shows UK IT managers still have work to do

    Business 07 16:52

  • IT boosts Korean exports

    Cut price IT sees surplus grow

    Business 07 16:52

  • UK e-envoy flies in

    From Down Under to Downing Street

    Business 07 16:53

  • China gets hands-on with the Net

    We need to inspect it so we can control it…

    Business 07 17:07

  • Flashpoint to fall under Satan's spell on Monday

    Changes name to Avnet too

    Business 07 17:11

  • Apple consumed by consumers

    Is Steve Jobs taking the 'Sony wannabe' plan too far? With MacOS X, it looks like it

    Business 07 20:10