6th January 2000 Archive

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  • Turnover up, membership churn down at Freeserve

    ISP bucks trend of falling tech stocks

    Business 06 10:29

  • Net rumours boost CCM share price

    It's news to us, says UK distie

    Business 06 10:53

  • Backlogged CallNet has new year hangover

    Service yet to materialise despite promises and cash injection

    Business 06 12:31

  • UK is mobile phone laggard

    Xmas sales bonanza still leaves us trailing most of Europe

    Business 06 12:50

  • Dotcom IPOs master the universe

    Frothy stocks lose steam

    Business 06 13:17

  • The chips were up in 1999

    Intel leads pack as semiconductor market booms

    Business 06 13:53

  • ATI launches dual-chip board for hardcore gamers

    Destroy all enemies

    Business 06 14:03

  • Railtrack, Lloyds of London Web hacker explains motives

    Credit card numbers not safe for e-commerce, he warns

    Business 06 14:03

  • Oracle chief sues city of San Jose

    Private jet at centre of bust up

    Business 06 15:02

  • Gates unveils new CE and Compaq-built Web appliance

    Looks like the old CE with ClearType and MP3, if you ask us...

    Business 06 15:05

  • Free Net via satellite ISP to hit UK

    Download speeds of 2Mbps on cards

    Business 06 15:13

  • Security back-door leaves Intel mail servers open

    Remote access is a double-edged sword

    Business 06 15:37

  • Gateway to use AMD because of Intel chip famine

    Issues profit warning for Q4, blames Intel drought

    Business 06 16:20

  • Tomb Player fire-sale knocks Gameplay over

    Copies of Lara's latest on offer for £1

    Business 06 16:31

  • Compaq shows 1GHz Kryotech-AMD system

    Big Q chooses to focus on Athlon

    Business 06 16:35

  • 800MHz Athlon hits Intel in the face

    And price drops from AMD arrive 23rd January

    Business 06 16:51

  • China bans Win2k, developing Red Flag Linux instead

    We've got the trade deal, so now we can get back to shafting foreign companies...

    Business 06 17:10

  • LinuxPPC readies retail release

    Boxed set to see Mac Linux distro seek broader customer base

    Business 06 19:04

  • 3dfx pledges native Mac support in Voodoo 4, 5

    VSA silicon still absent though...

    Business 06 19:05

  • Apple iBook falls from top-selling notebook slot

    But Mac maker on course for record $2.4bn Q1 revenues

    Business 06 21:06

  • Microsoft hires distinguished woman singer to throw tantrums

    Digital Diva takes centre stage

    Business 06 23:05