5th January 2000 Archive

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  • SuSE Linux joins Debian to embrace Mac

    Adds 'x86 world' credibility to existing Linux-on-PowerPC projects

    Business 05 01:12

  • Analysts bullish about Apple ahead of Expo announcements

    Expect good news from Steve Jobs, they say

    Business 05 01:12

  • Celerons and Linux to power Intel Web appliances

    Window of opportunity shuts for Microsoft

    Business 05 10:24

  • Big Q pundit gazes into Compaq 2000 crystal ball

    Busy year on the Alpha front

    Business 05 10:52

  • Gov't slammed for serial IT blunders

    Spend! Spend! Spend! Failure! Failure! Failure!

    Business 05 11:45

  • Ingram steps into WStore CHS breach

    Ecommerce dealer aims to double sales

    Business 05 12:02

  • Compaq buys Inacom's PC operations

    So much for channel assembly

    Business 05 13:01

  • MS Office blocks Linux progress on desktop, says VA chief

    Control of applications is Microsoft's real key asset

    Business 05 13:34

  • Golf snobs turn backs on scruffy Gates

    We don't want your sort round here

    Business 05 14:11

  • 2000 is the year of the Rambus

    Shaking free from launch embarrassment

    Business 05 15:35

  • Virgin dotcoms banking arm

    Australian analysts leak 'secret information'

    Business 05 15:40

  • Seven alternative uses for an Intel Bunny Suit

    The $700 kit has unexpected uses

    Business 05 15:47

  • Millennium Bug prophet receives death threats

    And the $10 million eBay bid is off as well

    Business 05 16:00

  • Computacenter ‘theft’ arrests

    In Brief: two on police bail

    Business 05 16:06

  • Millennium Bug prophet ‘not upset’ by $10m eBay hoax

    Bidder goes to ground

    Business 05 16:43

  • Ma Bell and BT sing in Concert

    $10 billion deal is finalised

    Business 05 17:01

  • Compaq flogs blue breadbins to the masses

    Retro-PCs styled for consumers

    Business 05 17:05

  • Intel Linux devices challenge MS – but at the server end

    There's a whole pile of middleware being pointed at the service providers too...

    Business 05 19:41

  • Apple's Jobs declared CEO for life

    Drops 'interim' from job-title -- and about time too

    Business 05 20:20

  • MS gives Californians $400 each to buy computers

    Just go to Best Buy, sign up for MSN, then cancel...

    Business 05 21:16

  • Apple unveils MacOS X, readies ‘classic’ OS' retirement

    Next-gen GUI wows crowd, but a long way to go before it ships

    Business 05 21:20

  • Tech stocks take a battering

    The large print giveth and the small print taketh away

    Business 05 21:55

  • Apple's Internet strategy takes shape

    Jobs looks to Net as next Apple revenue stream, prepares ground for move on info appliance market

    Business 05 22:42