4th January 2000 Archive

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  • Daily Net Finance News: 16-30 Nov 1999


    Business 04 09:30

  • HP Pavilion refresh to include today's 533MHz Celeron

    Intel to bring release date forward a week

    Business 04 10:49

  • AMD K6-III not dead, merely resting

    Plans for new variants during 2000

    Business 04 12:59

  • Samsung shows off 288Mb Rambus chip

    Memory is made of this...

    Business 04 13:09

  • Multimedia Corp takes WeddingGuide UK stake

    Net and marriage go together like horse and carriage

    Business 04 13:57

  • French proposal plans state Free Software Agency

    The law pushing open software as the French state standard is taking clearer shape

    Business 04 14:45

  • Kyocera buys Qualcomm Terrestrial

    But don't forget the Iridium investment, folks...

    Business 04 15:56

  • Transmeta screws up on Y2K – Where's Man Friday when you need him?

    And good news on VCR bug

    Business 04 16:05

  • Staples furious at Compaq Presario freeze-ups

    Twenty five per cent return rate too high. Wait for Feb 16

    Business 04 16:34

  • London Dome countdown explained

    Y2k bug ate my news agenda…

    Business 04 17:00

  • Eye in sky plan to control UK cars' speed

    Government control-freakery stretches into space...

    Business 04 17:04

  • Acer & TSMC set wedding date

    Ring the bells – Stan Shih must be happy

    Business 04 17:22

  • VA Linux Systems to launch open source one-stop shop

    Latest Linux company to pick up on the portal business model

    Business 04 19:13

  • MCI launches Net barrage with AppNet artillery

    Dot-com kits and broadband too

    Business 04 23:03