30th December 1999 Archive

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  • Intel best company in cosmos

    It's chiptastic, it's megatronic, it's greasy lightning

    Business 30 09:21

  • Uri Geller bent on legal action over Pokemon likenesses

    Fork get this idea, he says

    Business 30 11:07

  • Judge refuses DVD biz' DeCSS ban request

    Seventy-two Web sites breathe huge sigh of relief, but battle not yet over

    Business 30 15:25

  • Qualcomm leads NASDAQ to unprecedented heights

    Does the biggest boom since 1928 foreshadow the biggest bust since 1929?

    Business 30 18:20

  • eToys softens under grassroots pressure

    Will drop cybersquatting suit if etoy drops theirs

    Business 30 21:29

  • Nigerian govt. kills Millennium bug

    It's easy: throw the baby out with the bath water

    Business 30 21:35

  • Vatican defences survive three-day hack attack

    Malicious one, this

    Business 30 23:14

  • VIA pays for world to pray

    Chip firm funds Millennium Prayerboard

    Business 30 23:44