29th December 1999 Archive

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  • Intel snubs Rambus Ink

    Not invited to memory fest

    Business 29 09:58

  • Oops, Y2K: MS Press plans new pubs Jan 1900?

    Of course, it might just have been part of the corporate testing procedures...

    Business 29 10:07

  • New PCs emerge from Compaq glacier

    5800 series to get a refresh soon

    Business 29 10:28

  • Apple acts to fix MacOS 9 security flaw

    OS leaves DSL, cable modem users open to denial of service attacks

    Business 29 12:10

  • DVD biz steps up action against DeCSS

    Lawsuit targets 72 websites

    Business 29 12:37

  • Y2K glitch vexes Boxing Day bargain hunters

    We're getting off easy if this is the worst of 'em

    Business 29 17:59

  • MP calls for ‘Leisure Technology’ tax on games and videos

    This is nearly as daft as the Window Tax

    Business 29 23:33